Kathie Lee Gifford Allegedly Wants To Host 'Today' Solo Without Hoda Kotb, Reports 'Radar Online'

Kathie Lee Gifford allegedly wants to host Today solo without Hoda Kotb. When Hoda went on location to Pyeongchang, South Korea, to broadcast for the Winter Olympics, Kathie Lee remained in New York to host the fourth hour of NBC's morning news program. Radar Online reports that the break may have done more harm than good for two women being apart because now Gifford has realized she doesn't want to share hosting duties with Kotb anymore.

According to the report, "spies" in the know claim Kathie Lee Gifford "had a blast" on Today while Hoda Kotb was away. A ratings boost also occurred while Kathie Lee was on the show. A television source spills to the celebrity gossip site that the two weeks Hoda was gone "were the most fun Kathie Lee had on the show in years!" One of the reasons had to do with Gifford having full control of running things her way on the show, which she enjoyed "quite a bit."

A live audience was brought into the studio, and it was nostalgic for Gifford. It reminded her of the time she hosted with Regis Philbin back in the days they were on Live! The report adds that more viewers responded to the fresh format during the Olympics.

Sources allege to the site that Kathie Lee Gifford felt "betrayed" by Hoda Kotb for traveling to South Korea, where she was in the spotlight hosting the Winter Games. Gifford saw the silver lining when she discovered how well she can do on her own. It significantly boosted her attitude.

One insider tells Radar Online that now Kathie Lee Gifford is telling friends that she'd "be thrilled to have the opportunity all by herself" to host Today.

Hoda has been credited with Today ratings shooting up since hosting the first hour with Savannah Guthrie as disgraced Matt Lauer's replacement. She told E! Online last week that anchors on Today have brief careers in the big picture. While discussing her new book, I've Loved You Since Forever, she said Today "really is this institution, and we all sit in the chair for like five minutes." She named Jane Pauley, Bryant Gumbel, Katie Couric, and "everybody over the years" who've been on the show. Kotb said it's basically about keeping the "seat warm for awhile and you move on."

A lot of speculations have been whether Hoda will stop hosting the fourth hour with Kathie Lee since she's pulling double duty now being on the first hour. For the time being, Hoda Kotb will continue co-hosting with Kathie Lee Gifford.