Meghan Markle Latest Victim Of ‘Fake’ Nude Photos Circulating Online

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Meghan Markle has one of the most famous faces across the globe, and once it was announced that she was planning to marry Prince Harry, “Meghan Markle” became a popular online search. Through no fault of her own, Meghan’s name is now attached to naked pictures posted online by a media site that is infamous for posting “leaked” photos of celebrities, which usually turn out to be photoshopped, according to reports today.

The Mercury News reports the website posting the “fake” Meghan Markle naked pictures has been accused of doctoring photos of celebrities in the past so they appear naked online. Some of the past victims include Taylor Swift, Kate Upton, and Megan Fox.

According to the Blast, when Kensington Palace was asked for a comment on these alleged photos, they simply said, “These are fake photographs.”

The spokespeople for the royal family offered no other comment.

When Megan Fox’s photos first appeared online, she threatened to sue the website if they didn’t take down the photos they posted of her. The site claimed it was posting the pictures under the heading of a “satire” and refused, reports the New York Daily News.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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The website posting the alleged “leaked naked” photos of celebrities is called Celebrity Jihad. It is referred to as a “parody website,” and they are accused of posting rumors and doctored pictures all under the umbrella of “satire.”

The alleged naked photos of celebrities from this website range from Jennifer Lopez to Jennifer Lawrence and from Jennifer Aniston to Megan Fox. Now, Meghan Markle is in with this elite group of celebrities. This website hosts a lot of other alleged nude photos and videos of celebrities that are offered to the masses to view.

“Leaked” or “faked” is usually the debate, but since the site already admitted to doctoring Megan Fox’s photos, this doesn’t build a lot of trust among the online world that they wouldn’t do this to others. This is especially true in Meghan Markle’s case now that Kensington Palace has reported the online naked pictures as fake.

Some websites are reporting the pictures as alleged “topless photos of Meghan Markle,” while others are calling them alleged “naked photos of Meghan Markle.” However, most of them have one thing in common: they are reporting that this is a website known for their fake doctored pictures.