WWE News: Update On Why Solomon Crowe Left WWE NXT

Former WWE NXT talent Solomon Crowe left NXT in what was seen as a shocking departure. No one really saw the release coming, but everyone knew it made some sense. Crowe was not connecting well with the fans and although his character was interesting, we barely saw what he could do with it. At one point, he was set to have a manager in former NXT Diva and Seth Rollins' girlfriend, Zahra Schrieber. However, we all know what happened with her.

Since this issue, Crowe has been rarely seen on NXT programming. He then asked for his release from the company, but why did he leave a place where he could have made guaranteed money for the independents, where nothing is ever guaranteed?

According to Daily Wrestling News, Solomon Crowe came to the conclusion that he would never make the main roster. Whether or not he could have gotten there is up for debate now, of course. The big money is on the main stage and not down in NXT. That said, he felt he could make more money out of WWE than with them. This came after he was supposedly going to get a big NXT opportunity.

Crowe Owens
[Image via WWE]Apparently, the plan was for Solomon Crowe to get a push of sorts with NXT. He would get a push starting around this time, as they felt he could give them credibility as they plan to go around the country touring this year. Due to Crowe's independent experience, it makes sense to think he might bring people out when they tour in certain areas at least. WWE has expansion plans this year as well, which could include the likes of Evolve getting involved with WWE. Crowe has worked with them in the past, so it made total sense for him to have a role in the expansion.

Crowe very well could have had a role there similar to Sami Zayn, but might have actually performed there a bit, as well. Crowe was reportedly told about this idea for him, but chose to leave anyway. If he felt he was not going to make the main roster, then there would be no reason to stick around only to be the highest paid NXT star -- especially when he can get more than this right now on the independent scene.

Solomon Crowe had been with WWE since 2012. He came in around the time WWE was leaving the FCW territory and heading toward their own Performance Center. They also took over the NXT name and brought it down to work as their developmental show for talent to get a chance to work in front of crowds as they learn. Of course, nowadays, NXT has grown into so much more and is considered a viable brand of WWE's. At the time however, that was not the case.

Solomon Crowe NXT
[Image via WWE]Crowe was known as Sami Callihan on the independent scene. He was one of the better workers there, so it was a no brainer to go after him. The issue for him coming in was that he really connected to a certain type of audience. Most thought that he could learn a lot in WWE and break out as a star there if given the opportunity. WWE has hired others similar to him, like Dean Ambrose, so the idea of bringing in a guy mostly known for hardcore or weirder work didn't really seem like a bad concept.

Crowe was much smaller than Ambrose, however, as he stands at 5'10" on a good day and slightly over 200 lbs in weight. He also did not have a look/style that connected well for today's fan, as the singlet type he had was not beloved. The style Jason Jordan and Chad Gable wear seem okay, but there are types that do not work for people today. WWE did change up his character, and he became known as a hacker of sorts. The idea was great, but it seemed to only work for him for a month before he was rarely used. He also didn't change up his look with the new gimmick either. This might have hurt him some.

On top of this, his move-set was not as exciting as it needed to be for even the Full Sail fans to truly connect to him. This is never a good thing, as the Full Sail crowd typically loves all things independent.

Solomon Crowe left for an understandable reason, and no one is hating on him for it. However, it would have been interesting to see him change up his look and see how he could connect with WWE fans in a different way.

[Image via WWE]