Iggy Azalea Announced Her Official Green Card Status On Instagram Before Defending Herself From Critics

When it comes to Iggy Azalea, the singer is often caught up in news that is either about her music or about critics wanting her deported from the United States, based on some of her past actions and words. However, while the singer has a rocky past with critics, that does not mean that she has stopped sharing things on social media, or even posting when she gets good news, which she definitely received this week.

On her Instagram story on Wednesday, Iggy Azalea excitedly announced to her fans that she had finally been granted a green card, letting the world know that she, "got accepted into America forever." While Azalea has lived in the U.S. since 2006, when she moved here from her native Australia, it was not until Wednesday that the singer became a more "permanent resident."

As Entertainment Tonight reported, Iggy Azalea was joined by two friends in the video to share the news, calling herself and her friends immigrants to this country. Azalea told her friends they need to help her share the big news with everyone since, "we're all immigrants," even calling the three of them the "Immigrant club." In her excitement, the singer told the world that she had finally gotten her stamp that will let her stay permanently in the U.S., even captioning the video with the good news about her new green card status.

However, while Iggy Azalea may have been excited to have her green card in hand finally, the news also brought out the online trolls and critics, many of whom not only took the time to insult her but even said that she should immediately be deported back to her home country, Australia. While her critics may have been quick to get on her case, Azalea was not letting that ruin her moment, as she took to Twitter to defend herself from the people saying she should be sent back to her native country.

In her Twitter response to the critics, Iggy Azalea reminded everyone that she has been in the U.S. for the last 12 years, paying not only her federal taxes but also state taxes. As she pointed out, while she has been paying those taxes, she has been unable to have a say in how the money is spent, or even cast a vote. After all that time, she has finally been approved for her green card, and yet she said that there were still people who are just "SO miserable." Azalea said that she knows these same people would love for her to get deported back to a place where she basically knows no one, but now it is not happening, and she wanted her critics to know that she "worked hard" for everything she has.

Although Iggy Azalea may have her green card now, she will still not be able to vote, even if that was one of the things she addressed in her response to the critics. While green card holders can still get deported, unlike citizens, this new status means that the singer has a much more solid standing in the country that she has lived in for the last 12 years.