Todd Hoffman Just Left 'Gold Rush' For 'Greenhorn Gold,' But He's Already Talking About Coming Back

On Friday, the Discovery Channel is rewinding all eight seasons of the best of Todd Hoffman, as fans prepare to say goodbye to the popular star. Todd is leaving Gold Rush to work on his own mining show, Greenhorn Gold, but he has already been on social media hinting that he may soon be back on Gold Rush. What are the specific details?

Todd Hoffman has just appeared on his very last episode of Gold Rush, after announcing on February 18 that after eight years, he is leaving the Discovery show. Was there ever a hint that he was leaving? After their season of gold mining was over in Fairplay, Colorado, and Season 8 of Gold Rush aired on Discovery, Todd Hoffman sat down with Monsters and Critics to discuss his future.

In this particular interview, Todd appeared weary that gold mining took out six months of each year and that he had more creative projects he wanted to do. Hoffman spoke of his singing career and his dream of singing in "arenas." He didn't seem sure if he could be both a gold miner and have a fledgling singing career simultaneously.

"Well, I don't know if I have to walk away from being a gold miner because I have six months off. So maybe I can try it. Maybe I could do both. I don't know."
As the Inquisitr recently reported, Todd Hoffman was asked to sing the title song for the new movie, I Can Only Imagine. Clearly, he is currently focused on his singing career.
"I've never done that before and I don't know what that entails but I feel deep down like I can do it and I'll be singing in arenas some day."
Then, he shared his dream of creating a new show where just over a dozen greenhorn Gold Rush fans get their chance at mining their dreams.
"Picture this: Fifteen [Gold Rush] fans with their bags, and there's a pile of equipment."
He went on to describe his vision of the new Zum Media show, Greenhorn Gold.
"They're standing on gold under their feet. What are you waiting for, guys? Because you're going to take that gold home. Or you're going to get fired trying. One of the two."
Zum Media is run by Jose Behar, and Todd explains that because he spends so much time gold mining, he is a "minority partner." Logically, Todd runs the "reality division."At this time, Greenhorn Gold, his new mining show, has yet to be picked up by any network.

Todd Hoffman recently went to Twitter to explain his departure from Gold Rush and shift his focus to Greenhorn Gold, while apparently giving Discovery some shade.

"Sometimes you need a reset. I want to do a mining show the way in which it should be done."
Now that Todd has announced that he, his dad Jack, and son Hunter, are all leaving Gold Rush, Todd seems to indicate that he will be soon returning to Gold Rush.

First, he promises that "mining isn't over for us."

In response to another fan who asked about his departure from Gold Rush, he seems to promise they are returning to Gold Rush after a "reset."
"The Hoffman's will be back after a long awaited rest."
Then, on March 3, Todd promised a young, devoted fan that they "will return in time. Need a break from the BS."
Will Todd Hoffman return to Gold Rush?

It seems that this decision may depend on Todd's singing career and the success of Greenhold Gold. Meanwhile, Todd Hoffman fans can relive the eight years of the Hoffman crew and their noble quest of fulfilling their gold mining dream.