Oprah Receives Letter From 'Jesus Christ,' A Maine Woman, And Some Wonder If It's A Sign From God

An 83-year-old Maine woman is receiving a lot of unexpected attention after Gayle King of CBS This Morning posted a photo of the envelope she sent to Oprah, according to Time. Fan mail is nothing out of the ordinary, but since the woman's name is Jesus Christ, it caught King's eye. King asked Oprah in her social media post if this letter is the sign from God for her to run for the presidency of the United States.

According to WGME, the woman had her name legally changed to "Jesus Christ" 50 years ago and had been writing letters to spread her messages of "faith, peace, and, priorities." A search in the White Pages website reveals 62 people named Jesus Christ in the United States. Christ expressed her devotion to Christianity, which explains her name.

"God and the Bible. I try to live every moment of my life under God's will."
The letter was sent to Oprah with no intention of encouraging her to run for president, although Ms. Christ has noted that she would vote for Oprah, given the opportunity.

Oprah has said that although some people want her to run for the presidency, she is not going to because she hasn't received a sign from God to do so. Not only that, she said that "It's not something that interests me. I don't have the DNA for it."

According to Newsweek, notable figures offered Winfrey funding for a bid for the presidency after she made an impassioned speech on gender equality during the Golden Globe Awards.

One of the most well-known Biblical examples of signs from God includes the Star of Bethlehem, which signaled to the wise men the coming of Jesus Christ.

Twitter users have reacted to whether Oprah Winfrey should take this letter as her sign to run for president.
Other celebrities that are rumored or have hinted at running for the presidency include Kanye West, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Chris Rock, according to Business Insider.

The 2020 presidential election is the first to attract so many potential celebrity candidates. The Washington Post called this phenomenon "the Trump effect." It described when Oprah "joked — or did she? — that Trump's election made her think she might be more qualified for office than she thought."

Oprah gave a speech at the Golden Globes that some believed was a speech for presidency.
Oprah at the Golden Globe Awards.

It's true that Trump has a different background than previous presidents. BBC reported that upon his election, Trump had the least amount of political experience out of all the U.S. presidents. He is also the first billionaire president, which has also prompted other billionaires like Mark Cuban and Mark Zuckerberg to hint at running for the presidency in 2020.