'American Horror Story' Season 8 Theme Has Been Revealed, Reports 'Spoiler TV'

The American Horror Story Season 8 theme has reportedly been leaked. It seems that 20th Century Fox has filed a trademark for the title American Horror Story: Radioactive, and fans are going crazy over the news.

According to a March 15 report by Spoiler TV, it looks like the hit FX horror anthology series could be going to new depths for Season 8. American Horror Story: Radioactive is said to be set in the near future, which could make it the first in the franchise to not be set in the past or present. The show's creator, Ryan Murphy, has stayed tight-lipped about the new season. However, he did say that fans will be stunned because Season 8 "has nothing to do with anything you've ever seen before."

Bloody Disgusting reports that Ryan Murphy has called AHS Season 8 "chilling," and now that viewers believe the new season will be titled American Horror Story: Radioactive, the speculation has officially started. Many fans believe the show will be set in a future post-apocalyptic world. Perhaps nuclear bombs have killed off the majority of the population and possibly mutated and/or disfigured the living members of society. Other fans wondered if the new episodes may be set around Chernobyl.

American Horror Story: Radioactive will be the eighth installment in the anthology series, which has already thrilled fans with seasons titled Murder House, Asylumn, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, and Cult. The new season is expected to star the two backbone actors of the franchise, Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, along with other actors and actresses who are known for popping up in multiple seasons of the show. Fans are hoping to see former stars of past seasons, such as Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lily Rabe, Denis O'Hare, Emma Roberts, Cheyenne Jackson, and more, going into Season 8.
Of course, Ryan Murphy and FX are keeping quiet about American Horror Story: Radioactive for now, as the official Season 8 announcement has yet to be made. In fact, Radioactive might be a working title until the big news is released. However, fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for any news about the official theme, casting, plot points, premiere date, and more.
American Horror Story will return to FX for Season 8 this fall.