'Vikings' Season 5 Actor Katheryn Winnick Congratulates TV Son Alexander Ludwig On CSA Best Actor Win

There is little doubt that the cast of Vikings Season 5 is a close-knit group. After all, most of the actors have spent hundreds of hours together working on epic battle sequences and tragic drama scenes. However, there is a special bond between Katheryn Winnick and Alexander Ludwig, who play the feisty mother-and-son tandem Lagertha and Bjorn Ironside, as they have been working together since the second season of the History series.

The connection between Katheryn Winnick and Alexander Ludwig is not lost on fans, who were delighted when the Hunger Games actor boasted about how his TV mom handled being the director of a special episode of Vikings Season 6. Not surprisingly, Winnick returned the favor by congratulating the real Bjorn Ironside on Instagram for winning the Best Actor trophy at the recent 2018 Canadian Screen Awards.

Katheryn Winnick posted a throwback picture of herself and Alexander Ludwig in celebration of her co-star's win. Ludwig nabbed the Best Lead Actor, Drama award at the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards on March 11, as reported by Global News. This is the first win for Ludwig, who has portrayed Ragnar Lothbrok's eldest son since the latter part of Vikings Season 2. Bjorn Ironside is one of only three characters who has appeared in every season of the History series.

Alexander Ludwig's CSA win could mean that his character is set for even greater things in the second half of Vikings Season 5. Bjorn Ironside has already traveled to the Mediterranean and only returned home to help his mother take on Ivar the Boneless in a civil war. There have been hints that Bjorn will set out again to explore new territories after he and the Queen of Kattegat were somehow defeated in the mid-season finale.

Bjorn Ironside's history could also be revisited in the back end of Vikings Season 5. The recent return of his uncle Rollo has led to speculations that the Duke of Normandy is hoping to find out whether Bjorn might be his son and not Ragnar Lothbrok's.

Clive Standen as Rollo in Vikings Season 5

The future still looks bright for Bjorn Ironside. Katheryn Winnick's posts about her directorial debut in Vikings Season 6 confirm that she has continued working with Alexander Ludwig, which could only mean that the character will survive another season. Hopefully, both Winnick and Ludwig will continue winning awards for their work on the History series.