Melania Trump Is Gauging Public Reaction To Vanessa Trump's Divorce Filing, Reports 'Hollywood Life'

Paula Mooney

According to Google Trends, the phrase "Melania Trump files for divorce" has surged 70 percent over the past hour in the early morning of Friday, March 16. Google Trends also show that "Melania Trump filed for divorce" has increased 40 percent during the same time period. All in all, the search engine giant shows quite a surge in a variety of phrases that include "Trump divorce" in the queries, including folks asking the meaning of an "uncontested divorce" and other questions about Donald Trump, Jr.'s impending divorce from his wife Vanessa Trump.

As reported by the New York Times, Vanessa filed for divorce on Thursday, March 15, inside a Manhattan court. The 40-year-old Vanessa has been married for 12 years to Donald Trump, Jr., the oldest son of President Donald Trump. As a result of the news about the divorce, Twitter also shows "Melania divorce" as a popular search suggestion when users of the social media platform begin typing "Melania" into the search engine. As seen in some of the results being published on Twitter, certain social media users are advising Melania to follow suit.

Previous rumors of Melania filing for divorce were proven false, according to Snopes. But Hollywood Life is now reporting Melania supported Vanessa's choice to divorce Trump Jr., and has been allegedly watching the public's reaction to determine if she also should file for divorce, citing an anonymous source close to Melania Trump.

According to the publication, the 47-year-old Melania is closely following how the citizens of the U.S. react to Vanessa's divorce and "is curious about what type of reaction the American people will have regarding Vanessa being brave enough to move away from the powerful family." Hollywood Life's unnamed source claims "Melania is strongly considering her own divorce, an unprecedented move with a sitting president."

As reported by the Inquisitr, if Melania did decide to file for divorce from President Trump, it would be the first time that a first lady ever divorced a sitting president. News reports surmise that a potential divorce from President Trump could raise Melania's profile with the public in a positive manner.

Hollywood Life went on to report that Melania is allegedly troubled by President Trump's Twitter habits "and online bullying," which "Melania really cannot stand." The publication's source claimed that Melania's role was much more of a challenge than Melania expected.

"Being a first lady is far more challenging than Melania bargained for. She never thought she would be on the world stage like this, and if all goes smooth for Vanessa, Melania may follow her footsteps."