'General Hospital' Spoilers: Liz Chooses Between Franco And Drew, 'Friz' May Be In Trouble

General Hospital spoilers tease that Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco (Roger Howarth) may have a long and troubling road ahead. "Friz" fans were excited at the prospect of this couple finally tying the knot. However, their wedding day was cut short by the devastating earthquake. Ever since then, the couple has faced numerous challenges which eventually led to Liz dumping Franco. According to International Business Times, Liz may have left Franco not so much because of his lies, but because she wants another shot at a relationship with Drew (Billy Miller).

GH fans will remember that Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) ran into each other at the hospital while Liz was in the hallway. She then overheard the two talking about what had happened during the earthquake. According to General Hospital recaps, via She Knows Soaps, Liz hears Sam telling Jason that she needs to come clean with Drew and admit to him that she still loves Jason. Two days later, Liz dumps Franco because she says he wasn't honest with her. She thinks Franco lied to her about trying to kill Drew when they were children and that he should have told her the truth before they got married. General Hospital spoilers state that the general consensus among "Friz" fans is that Liz has forgiven Franco for far worse incidents than lies about his childhood.

This begs the question as to why GH writers placed Liz in a position to hear Sam's confession of love, and why she left the man she nearly married a few days later. Could Liz want a second chance with Drew now that she knows that Mrs. Cain is torn between her past and present loves? It seems as if both Sam and Liz still deeply care about the men they are with. When Drew and Franco are kidnapped by Jim Harvey, both ladies are worried about their safety as evidenced by the recaps recorded by She Knows Soaps.
However, Liz now has a powerful secret that she could use to her advantage now that she is single. She could tell Sam that she knows that she is not all-in in her marriage with Drew, or she could tell Drew in the hopes that they could try again. Either way, General Hospital spoilers indicate that "Friz" is in for a rocky ride.