PUBG Mobile Version Launched In The West For Android, Here's What It Looks Like

The mobile version of the highly popular multiplayer online battle royale video game, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), has finally been released in the west. The game's developer PUBG Corporation announced on social media that it has now made the game available on the Google Play Store for Canadian Android users. PUBG Mobile follows in the footsteps of other massive multiplayer online franchises, such as Fortnite Battle Royale and ARK: Survival Evolved, which have both recently been ported to mobile.

As reported by IGN, the recently released game is an Android Beta version, which means that the company likely wants to test out the game and iron out all of its kinks before releasing it to other western territories. North American players should be getting access to the final version of PUBG Mobile once all of the issues have been resolved.

The PUBG mobile video game released in Canada is basically a modified version of the Chinese port that was previously released in China and other parts of Asia. The game is basically a "full port" of the PC version of the game, which means that it does come with most of the PC version's features. The game's resolution has been downsized, but the map size and everything else has stayed relatively the same.

According to PC Gamer, players can still easily manage their inventory and control their characters without much difficulty. Although, having touch-based controls instead of an actual keyboard and mouse setup does pose some disadvantages. For one, the on-screen joystick does get in the way of the player's view, especially during frantic combat situations. The entire screen is also filled with little buttons that perform several secondary actions such as toggling first-person aiming, reloading, and switching a weapon's fire rate. It also goes without saying that aiming using touch controls is far from accurate when compared to a typical mouse and keyboard setup. Long-range headshots with a sniper rifle will undoubtedly be next to impossible on the mobile version.

Despite all of its drawbacks, PUBG fans will likely still be looking forward to the game's full release. There is currently still no word on when the game will be coming to the iOS, but that announcement is expected to be coming very soon.