'Black Panther' On Pace To Surpass Two Blockbuster Movies

Black Panther has dominated the box office for four consecutive weekends. The latest film from Marvel has grossed $1.1204 billion worldwide. The film is still on pace to surpass commercially successful movies The Avengers and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Black Panther is just within reach of The Lord of Rings: The Return of the King. Peter Jackson's film at the time had grossed $1.121 billion in just 2D. The movie's release was in 2003 and was just the second in history to reach the billion dollar mark.

According to Forbes, out of the 33 movies released in the last seven years, 26 have gone on to join the billions club at the box office. The movie to unleash the 3D frenzy and success was Avatar. Since that time movies released seem to achieve the mark within a short time frame. Chadwick Boseman's film is about to exceed Tim Burton's Batman film as another amazing feat.

"Among all superhero movies, that will put it behind only Spider-Man ($403m in 2002/$637m adjusted), The Dark Knight ($534m in 2008/$684m adjusted), and The Avengers ($623m in 2012/$704m adjusted). With around $578m as of tomorrow, it should be over $600m domestic by the end of this weekend."

After Black Panther clears the box office dollar amount from the previous movies mentioned it will that much closer of Start Wars: The Last Jedi ($592 million). In addition, it will make the Wakanda film the second-fastest grossing behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If this Marvel blockbuster can maintain its dominance, it may tie Avatar's record of topping for five consecutive weekends.
Black Panther, as of March 10, reached the $1 billion mark. This was possible thanks to the release in China. What is also remarkable is that it was able to hold off the anticipated release of A Wrinkle in Time.
So, what stands in the way of Black Panther achieving the top spot? Well, there is another newcomer who may interrupt its momentum. The film Tomb Raider, based on a video game, is expected to attract moviegoers over the weekend. The film features actress Alicia Vikander. Previously, Angelina Jolie starred in the 2001 fantasy thriller. It will be interesting to compare both, and see which film ends up grossing the most at the box office this weekend.