Ariana Grande Is Allegedly Expecting A Baby, Will Announce It At 20th Week, Reports 'The Hollywood Gossip'

Kylie Jenner set the standard of keeping her pregnancy secret for the entire duration, only to reveal her daughter a few days after her birth, and according to Hollywood Gossip, Ariana Grande's recent social media disappearance is due to the same reason.

The famous singer hasn't posted on social media since before the New Year, and fans originally wondered whether she was "pulling a Kylie Jenner" and going into hiding for nine months to reappear with a baby. According to an anonymous tipster who spoke to TheHollywood Gossip, their line of thinking is actually correct. However, the source stated that Ariana isn't planning on hiding for the entire nine months like Kylie.

The source claims that Ariana Grande is two months along with Mac Miller's baby and will make a pregnancy announcement at 20 weeks when she's out of the danger zone. However, she was also inspired by Kylie, claims the source, as Ariana spoke to her in October during her pregnancy and wanted to follow in her footsteps.

The tipster also claims that the Manchester terrorist attacks have completely transformed Ariana Grande's outlook on life, and she decided she wanted her grandmother to see her have a baby during her lifetime.

The singer is allegedly over the moon that she's expecting, but has also dealt with some minor complications already. Her Brit Awards appearance was canceled due to her thinking that she might have the flu and being anxious about flying internationally while pregnant.

Mac Miller, the baby's father, was allegedly floored when he found out they were going to be parents but was also extremely happy with the news.

The pair is allegedly also already thinking of names. Although they don't know the sex of the baby yet, they are thinking of Luna for a girl or Frank for a boy. Luna, the tipster says, is because of Ariana's love of the moon. Frank, on the other hand, is the name of her late grandfather.

Ariana Grande hasn't been seen in public at all in 2018, except in one occasion where she was wrapped in a puffy red jacket. She also strategically held a notebook over her belly to hide it from prying eyes.