‘Crazy Alien’ Movie Boycott Begins: Dog Abuse Allegations Surround Film Starring Matthew Morrison [Video]

Monica SchipperGetty Images for TIMEX

The above video has prompted calls for a boycott of the movie Crazy Alien, which purportedly shows a dog being twirled around in a cage prior to being plunged into freezing cold waters before being removed from the water more than once. According to TMZ, the Crazy Alien movie featured the controversial scene with the dog in the cage that was filmed in China.

The publication notes that star Matthew Morrison, who gained fame on the hit TV series Glee, was not on the set of Crazy Alien when the German Shepherd was tossed around in the cage in November. The Crazy Alien screenplay called for a dog to be captured by aliens. However, the PETA-provided video footage is causing outrage online. A search for Crazy Alien boycott on Twitter results in tweets from people promising that they will not see the movie due to the controversial way the dog was allegedly treated.

TMZ reports that the scene in question was performed several times until the Crazy Alien director was okay with the footage. Although the dog was reportedly shaken, it may not have been hurt. Social media users and moviegoers are comparing the Crazy Alien animal cruelty allegations to those that surrounded the movie A Dog’s Purpose. TMZ reported that the below video of the controversial scene in A Dog’s Purpose caused plenty of boycott backlash as well.

As reported by Deadline, Matthew is set to appear in the third installment of Crazy Alien, which is described as a dark comedy.

Ning Hao is the director of the film, which is part of the trilogy that began with Crazy Stone in 2006 and was followed up with Crazy Racer – also known as Silver Medalist – from 2009.

The plot of Crazy Alien was described as one that would be similar to the prior crime movies, although the details of the storyline weren’t known. What was known was that production of Crazy Alien was set to begin in the port city of Qingdao, located in the eastern Shandong province of China, near the Yellow Sea.

Mark was expected to speak English in the movie, with Chinese subtitles provided. However, it is not clear how the current controversy surrounding Crazy Alien will affect the film’s box office take worldwide.