Donald Trump Jr. And Wife Vanessa Trump’s Divorce Documents Suggest A Few Things Won’t Happen

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It is no longer a rumor as the documents in the Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump divorce have been filed in Manhattan Supreme Court as of today. The reason is not known, and all that is listed on the documents filed on Thursday is that the divorce is “uncontested,” which means it is amicable, suggests the New York Daily News.

It was Vanessa Trump who filed for the divorce after 13 years of marriage and five children together. Most of the surmised reasons for this divorce offered in the media today have to do with the new lifestyle taken on by Donald Trump Jr. after he stepped into his father’s shoes running the Trump business. He put on his father’s business hat once his father became president.

The New York Daily News cites Donald Trump Jr. as “traveling extensively” while running his father’s business with his brother Eric Trump. The Washington Times reports that “the Trump family will soon see another divorce,” referring to the two divorces the elder Donald Trump has under his belt.

As far as Vanessa Trump’s social media pages, the Washington Times reports the last time Vanessa Trump posted on Twitter was March 1 and that had to do with the “downside of being the president’s daughter-in-law.” The post went up after that envelope containing a white substance was delivered to their home. Vanessa wrote the following.

“Thank you so much to everyone that helped catch the person who sent the horrifying envelope that I opened up two weeks ago! A special thanks to and all the dedicated state & federal agencies in Bosto”n, NYC & around the US!”

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Vanessa’s Twitter page shows that she doesn’t make a habit of tweeting more than once or twice a month. So it is not as if she has suddenly gone silent on her Twitter page, she just wasn’t that active on this social media site, which is evident by the few tweets she posts each month.

It was Page Six that ran an “exclusive” report yesterday on how people close to the situation reported the couple was headed for a divorce. Page Six reports today that Vanessa filed for an “uncontested proceeding,” meaning she’s not expecting a legal battle over the custody of the couple’s five children.”

So what did the court documents suggest won’t happen in the Vanessa Trump vs. Donald Trump Jr. divorce?

As the New York Daily News reports, the wording of the divorce documents suggests that the divorce is “uncontested.” So that means it is amicable, so there doesn’t seem to be a reason for this to get messy. That same wording also suggests that there will not be a fight over the custody of the children, which is suggested by Page Six.

Page Six originally got their information from people who did not want to be named. This same source or sources also said that it was Donald Trump Jr.’s constant traveling and his “controversial tweets” that became too much for Vanessa, who was ready to file for divorce.

Apparently, their sources knew what they were talking about as far as the divorce was concerned. The divorce rumor has come true just a day after the unconfirmed report emerged on Page Six. Today, the Trump divorce was confirmed via court documents. So far, there is no word from Donald Trump Jr. or his father on this family unit demise.