Britney Spears Wears Shorts And Sports Bra While Working Out To Janet Jackson’s ‘All Night’

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Britney Spears posted a new video on Instagram of herself working out on Thursday. People posted a clip of the pop star’s grueling session in which she was doing strength training to Janet Jackson’s “All Night (Don’t Stop).” The video from Britney’s account is seen below.

Spears is wearing a pair of shorts with vertical colored stripes and a sports bra with black trim and straps. She wore her hair in a ponytail with some of the strands loosely falling to the sides and back.

The “Toxic” singer didn’t caption the image; she only added emojis of dumbbells.

Britney executed a variety of stretches before doing sets of weight training moves in front of a mirrored wall. Her toned abs were on display while she broke into a sweat for the routine.

People published a slideshow of the 36-year-old’s Instagram videos and photos that she has shared online. Her jaw-dropping figure is a direct result of her discipline for health and fitness. Britney Spears often posts workout from what appears to be her gym at home. A few weeks ago, she posted a video of a tennis session she had with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Spears doesn’t hit the stage again until July, but that doesn’t mean she’s taking a break from the rigorous workouts.


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As the Daily Mail notes, Britney Spears will start her tour on July 12 in the U.S. before heading to the U.K., France, and Belgium.

An article in Glamour magazine in February 2017 featured an interview with fitness trainer Kacy Duke about how to get a body like Britney’s. She suggests nixing the kickboxing and “all that combative stuff” and swap it for the more “graceful” exercises. Duke imparted that workouts like dancing will help result in a “pretty” and “nonbulky” body. Spears does do a lot of dancing and has shown off her spinning, twirling, and leaping skills in videos the last few months on Instagram. It’s also not to be overlooked that Britney has a demanding dance-rehearsal schedule. If she can’t make it to the gym, then she’s torching calories with her on-stage routines.

Duke also mentioned that lifting light weights, doing lunges, and performing extensions like what Britney Spears is seen doing is pertinent to her level of conditioning.