Joy Behar’s ‘Valuable Contribution’ On ‘View’ Noted — Hopes Sex Stores Stay Open As Toys R’ Us Mourned

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The ladies of The View got a bit nostalgic and seemed to mourn the news of Toys R’ Us closing its doors. All of them appeared sad about the news, except for Joy Behar, who came out with another thought regarding this closing.

The reason Toys R’ Us stores are facing their demise is linked to online shopping. The brick-and-mortar stores across the nation are feeling this horrific competition today. Joy “interjected with a valuable contribution,” while the panel on The View discussed the toy store’s demise, suggests Uproxx today.

Joy is hoping that other stores don’t follow suit, especially for one industry specifically.

Behar said, “I hope this doesn’t include the sex industry. Because those stores need to stay open.”

Apparently, Joy was adding her comedic flare into this discussion, which was more on the serious side for the other ladies, as her delivery was described, as “deadpan” by Uproxx.

Toys R’ Us announced it will officially close the doors to its 800 stores across the nation. This comes just six months after the toy store chain filed for bankruptcy. Parents today are a bit saddened by the closing of a store that was such a big piece of their Christmas shopping for their offspring through the years.

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Long before the internet was a staple in everyone’s home, you went to Toys R’ Us to fill that space under the Christmas tree for your kids every year. Sunny Hostin chimed in that she actually went to a Toys R’ Us store for her holiday shopping last year. She also said that “everybody thought I was crazy, I was at Toys R’ Us because you wanna see [the products] and touch it and get advice from people.”

Whoopi Goldberg then jumped in to say she agrees, you must try out the product. Sara Haines was mortified about Whoopi’s statement, as it sounded as if she was talking about Joy’s choice of stores rather than Toys R’ Us. Whoopi said to Haines that you try on bathing suits that someone else has had on. Haines quickly corrected Whoopi by saying the bathing suits come with protection so you are protected while trying them on.

Whoopi one-upped her and said, “Well, they got protections for the thing we’re talking about too.”

This sex toy store joke took on a life of its own.

At that point, Meghan McCain tried to offer up her thoughts, but Behar cut her right off.

“Oh, like you’ve never been to one,” she quipped. “Give me a break, Meghan.”

So while the group mourned the closing of Toys R’ Us, others were preoccupied with what other types of stores might close due to the online competition.