Rachel Bilson On ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Sets Up Show To Reach Conclusion

Rachel Bilson made her return to How I Met Your Mother, leading the show toward its conclusion as she leads Ted to finally meet the woman who would become his wife.

The episode actually included a glimpse of the “Mother,” who is Rachel Bilson’s roommate. Viewers see the aftermath of Robin and Barney’s engagement, with Ted coming to terms that Robin would never be his. So Ted channels his feelings into wedding planning, insisting on a DJ over a live band.

Enter Rachel Bilson. She meets with him just before Barney and Robin’s wedding, after Ted has found out that their band canceled at the last second. Bilson’s character, Cindy, tells Ted about her roommate’s band and they set them up for the wedding. As The Huffington Post recalls, Ted already informed viewers that his children’s mother would be a bass player, and that they would meet on a train platform after the wedding.

As Vulture noted, the Rachel Bilson appearance may lead to the meeting between Ted and the “Mother,” But it doesn’t mean the end of the series. After Jason Segel renewed his contract for a ninth season it all but assured that the show would go on.

Rachel Bilson may be creating a love connection on the show, but off-screen her romantic life has hit a snag. She recently ended a three-year relationship with fellow Jumper co-star Hayden Christensen, E! Online noted. Sources noted that the relationship just wasn’t working out, and that Bilson will be “focusing on her career, spending time with her family and just moving forward.”