‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans’ Husband Speaks Of Homophobic Rant, Claims He’s Only Fired For Three Episodes

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Jenelle Evans and David Eason aren’t exactly apologizing for his homophobic rant against the LGBT community.

Earlier this week, after arriving in Los Angeles, the Teen Mom 2 couple spoke to TMZ about Eason’s alleged firing. However, when asked if he felt he owed the LGBT community an apology, Eason said he isn’t sure what the abbreviation means.

“I don’t even know what that means. So, for gay people or whatever, if that’s what that abbreviation means… Yeah, then I’m sorry,” he said.

Eason went on to say that he doesn’t study things like the LGBT community because people like that aren’t in his life, nor are they in the life of his family. Ironically, just weeks ago, Evans attempted to make her own apology on her husband’s behalf and claimed one of Eason’s close friends was gay. She even said that she and Eason had a great time with several gay friends of Farrah Abraham’s during a party in Miami, Florida.

Eason was then asked by TMZ whether he felt he was treated fairly by MTV in regard to their reported decision to fire him from their reality show. In turn, Eason said that the network “never fired” him and said that the person running MTV’s Twitter account was most definitely not the “boss man,” nor was the unnamed person someone in charge of enforcing certain rules to their stars.

“They never called me and said I was fired,” Eason explained.

Eason continued on, stating that while he apparently wasn’t fired from the series completely, the network did inform him that they did not want to film with him for three episodes of the show’s upcoming season. In response, Eason reportedly told him that he was on board with their decision because he didn’t want to take part in filming to begin with.

As for future seasons of the show, both Evans and Eason said that they would return to the show if they decided to do so but noted that they weren’t completely happy with the network’s recent actions. In fact, Evans blatantly called out MTV for choosing to “fire” her husband, which she claimed happened, after allowing a crew to film her as she nearly overdosed on a couch.

Eason then pointed out the fact that MTV aired a scene in which Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom OG seemingly drove while under the influence of drugs and risked the lives of those around him.