Husband Allegedly Chops ‘Satan’ Wife Into Pieces And Reportedly Eats Parts Of Brain With No Sign Of Remorse


The 16-year marriage of a Filipino couple ended in a tragedy after the husband brutally killed and mutilated his wife, claiming she was “Satan,” local news outlet The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Residents of Brgy. Holy Spirit in Quezon City, Philippines witnessed a gruesome act on Sunday, after they saw 43-year-old Orlando Estrera throwing his wife’s mangled body parts outside of their house in broad daylight.

Apparently, a kid was walking in front of the couple’s house when suddenly, the suspect threw his wife’s body parts, including a severed head out. The boy immediately called other neighbors and sought help from authorities.

The victim, identified as Heidi Estrera, was reportedly relaxing at home when her husband suddenly attacked her. Apparently, the victim was lying on her stomach and asked the suspect for a body massage.

However, he allegedly had hallucinations and saw a goat instead of his wife, prompting him to step on her neck and strangle her. The suspect added that he also heard his wife making animal noises similar to a goat during his attack.

After strangling her, the ruthless husband started peeling off his wife’s face using a knife to reveal “who was hiding under the mask.” He also gouged out her eyes and smashed her head using a hammer.

As if that wasn’t enough, the suspect reportedly ate parts of his wife’s brain before proceeding to butcher the rest of her body.


Apparently, the brutal husband opened up his wife’s stomach to check if she was pregnant, claiming that she could have been carrying in her womb the spawn of Satan. Then, he chopped off her head and mutilated her breasts, arms, and legs.

He even shoved one of the legs inside her body and the other one deep into her sex organ, according to Manila Bulletin.

During an interview at QCPD headquarters in Camp Karingal, the suspect admitted that he did not regret killing his wife, adding that he even did it to save everyone from her because she’s “Satan.”

“She was a nuisance to me because she was Satan. She told me herself that she was Satan.”

Authorities immediately arrested the suspect, which they believed to be a danger in society.Featured image credit: PrathShutterstock

Interestingly, the suspect made no mention of “Satan” during his initial interrogation. Instead, he told authorities that he killed his wife out of hatred that built up during their years of marriage.

Chief Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar, director of the Quezon City Police District, also noted that he did not show any signs of remorse or regret. He reiterated that the suspect is a “danger to society” and “should not be out in public.”

The suspect admitted that he used crystal meth in 2002 but an initial drug test conducted recently came out negative. He is set to undergo a psychological and psychiatric examination.