Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Get A Trendy New ‘Pet’ In ‘Counting On’ Webisode

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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo proved that they were true millenials in a recent Counting On webisode. The Laredo, Texas, residents did this by displaying their love for the avocado. As reported by TODAY, the green fruit is so beloved by millennials that some of its fans are using it to propose marriage to their partners.

It’s too late for Jeremy Vuolo to replace the pit of an avocado with Jinger Duggar’s engagement ring, but his avocado obsession did drive him to make an attempt at growing his own. For the latest episode of Counting On, he and Jinger were filmed enjoying a fajita dinner with some friends from out of town. TLC turned some of the episode’s unused footage into a webisode centered on Jeremy’s lesson on how to grow an avocado tree.

While holding up a bag containing the pits of the avocados that were used to make guacamole, Jeremy asked his pal James if he knew how to plant them. James did have some idea of how to do it, explaining that an avocado pit must have four toothpicks stuck inside of it so that it can hang over a jar of water. After the roots start growing, it can be potted.

“I was going to throw this in the yard and wait six months to have avocados,” the Duggar husband said of his own plan to make his guacamole cheaper.

While Jeremy Vuolo was sticking toothpicks in the pits, he informed Jinger Duggar that he was becoming an “avocado enthusiast.” He also promised that he would help save them $5 a month by growing their own avocados. In addition to placing two of the fruits’ pits in jars, he decided to throw one pit outside in the soil to see if it would grow. Jinger advised him to place it somewhere away from the areas where he mows the grass.

“Alright, buddy,” he told the avocado pit before tossing it. “Good luck.”

Jeremy wasn’t just talking to the pits by the end of the Counting On webisode; he was referring to them as his pets.

“This is our first pet,” he said of the pits in the jars.

Jeremy was convinced that he and Jinger would be picking fresh avocados in a few months, but the Counting On stars shouldn’t count on not having to pay for the fruits anytime soon. According to HGTV, it takes five to 13 years for avocado trees to bear fruit. Jeremy also placed the wrong part of the avocado pits in the water (the pointy ends aren’t supposed to be submerged), so they probably didn’t sprout.

If Jeremy needs help getting an avocado tree to grow, he might want to consult the member of the Duggar family who has a green thumb. Jana Duggar told the Counting On cameras that she has looked into growing an avocado tree before, so she knows the proper process to get a pit to sprout. She also had some advice for her brother-in-law.

“Gardening is a lot of fun, and it’s very rewarding,” said the Duggar daughter. “But it’s also a lot of work. Do your research, and then you can probably make it happen.”