Stephen Hawking’s Special Party For Time Travelers Means He May Live On For Some

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With Stephen Hawking’s sad death comes the possibility that he may still linger on for some, particularly those special time travelers that he once invited to a cocktail party. On June 28, 2009, Hawking held a quiet party for any time travelers who might happen to be present and who had received his invitation to this get-together, although the invitation was issued well after the actual event, of course.

For the party itself, Stephen Hawking hung up a large white banner which read “Welcome Time Travelers,” and had numerous white, blue, and purple balloons adorning the room. A butler was even on hand to uncork the Krug champagne and sumptuous hors d’oeuvres were laid out for all to feast on. The problem? No time travelers showed up to the soiree, according to Atlas Obscura.

When Stephen Hawking was asked to give a reason for the time traveler party, his reply was that he enjoyed sipping champagne, and what could be better than combining champagne with a scientific experiment?

“I like simple experiments and champagne.”

However, Hawking did once warn that if a person were to attempt to warp space and time, the unwitting experimenter could possibly “trigger a bolt of radiation that would destroy the spaceship and maybe the space-time itself.”

Despite such dire predictions, Stephen Hawking still felt a little sad that no time travelers showed up at his 2009 party.

“What a shame. I was hoping a future Ms. Universe was going to step through the door.”

The original invitation that Hawking gave for his one-of-a-kind party was issued on his television show Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking, in which he told these daring individuals that they were “cordially invited to a reception for time travelers.”

Despite no guests gracing his party, Stephen Hawking was still hopeful that perhaps in the future a time traveler might eventually come across his message and decide to show up, as Newsweek report.

“Maybe, someday, someone in the future will find the invitation and use the worm hole time machine to come back to my party proving that time travel will one day be possible.”

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Further, Hawking also said that he hopes his message will stay alive for thousands of years.

“I’m hoping copies of the invitation, in one form or another, will survive for many thousands of years.”

So if you’re a time traveler and have stumbled across this article and would like to meet Stephen Hawking, the invitation to his party still stands and is held on June 28, 2009, with coordinates of 52° 12′ 21″ N, 0° 7′ 4.7″ E.