Sofia Vergara Talks Wedding, Wants It To ‘Be A Big Event’ [Video]

Sofia Vergara talked about her eventual wedding day in a recent interview, and while she doesn’t know when it will be, she knows she wants it to be a “big event.”

“If I’m going to do something, it’s going to have to be a big event,” the Modern Family star told People last Friday. “I just had my 40th birthday in Mexico. I had more than 100 people.”

The only problem is that she’s too busy being Sofia Vergara to plan the big event:

“Now I don’t have the time – and it will have to be one weekend when I have the time to plan something fun,” she says. “I don’t even know what I’m going to do.”

Though the ins-and-outs of her big day haven’t been fully fleshed out yet, Vergara does know that she and fiance Nick Loeb will be cutting some common traditions, like the reception toast.

“We don’t do that type of tradition,” she explains. “[Nick and I want] more like of a party [with] music, dancing, a lot of food; not really sitting there hours and giving speeches.”

In a separate interview with Fox 411, Vergara confirmed that she and Loeb haven’t set a date yet.

“No, not yet,” admitted Vergara. “I just came from a very big birthday, my 40th birthday. I did a really big party. I think when I get married, I guess I’m going to have to do another big party, because that’s what my family expects. They’ll be very upset (if I don’t) and now I don’t have the time.”

Vergara also has a new Diet Pepsi ad out, in which she ironically delivers an impromptu toast at a wedding. She also admitted that the make-up process for the ad was a bit different from the 80s when she shot her first commercial for the company.

“We didn’t have to work on the wardrobe that much when I was 17,” explained Vergara. “I just put on a little bikini and that was it. Now, 22 years later, you have to nip and tuck and everything, so wardrobe takes a little bit longer!”

Below you’ll find both of Sofia Vergara’s Diet Pepsi ads, old and new. And if Vergara says anything more concrete about her wedding, we’ll be here to report it!