‘My 600-LB Life’ Benji And David Update: See If The 1,300-LB Brothers Can Change Their Lives

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My 600-LB Life featured a pair of obese brothers on Wednesday, and fans are now hoping to see a positive update from Benji and David after their time on the show and their new intensive weight-loss regimen.

Wednesday’s episode of the TLC docu-series focused on the troubled brothers, a break from the other episodes in the current season that have told the story of just one person. Like many on the show, Benji and David inherited their weight issues from a difficult upbringing. As In Touch pointed out, their parents put Benji into child beauty pageants but did not do the same for David, who by the age of six already weighed 100 pounds.

The disparity was hurtful to David, who ended up soaking up attention from his great-grandmother, who used food to keep him happy.

“When I ate I got bigger, and when any of that emotion started coming back I’d just eat some more,” David shared in a preview of the show. “So, at age 10 I weighed around 145 pounds.”

Because the family was not wealthy and did not have the money for fancy toys or other things to occupy their time, they turned to food. As Entertainment Daily noted, their mother described how she would but $10 worth of 29 cent cheeseburgers and let the boys eat as much as they wanted.

The upbringing ended up leaving both boys dangerously overweight, leading both David and Benji to look for help on My 600-LB Life.

Fans of the show are hoping to see a positive update from David and Benji, but so far TLC has been quiet about what progress the two have seen. There were no updates or weight-loss pictures released ahead of Wednesday’s episode of My 600-LB Life, and though the show is traditionally tight-lipped until after each episode aired, there is new worry after one of the people to appear on the show died during filming, a fact that TLC concealed until after it had aired.

Those hoping to find an update from David and Benji after their time in My 600-LB Life can keep an eye on the official page for the show, where weight-loss photos are generally added after it has aired. They can also watch here — progress photos will also be added to this article as they come online.