The ‘Obama Phone Lady’ Is Back … And Talking About The Police And FEMA

The Obama phone lady, Michelle Dowery, is back making headlines. This time the presidential supporter is sharing her insight about FEMA. In September Dowery’s video noting she supported a second term for Barack Obama primarily because she credited him with giving her, and hordes of others, free cell phones.

Michelle Dowery sat down for an interview with controversial radio host Alex Jones. The conversation between the defiant Obama detractor and the fervent supporter is heading toward viral status online. The Obama phone lady and Alex Jones interview last for more than an hour. Clips from the interview being hailed for their comedic content are rapidly making the rounds on internet social networking websites, according to The Blaze.

During the Jones radio show Michelle Dowery shared her views on police officers, flu shots, President Obama, FEMA, and a whole lot more. The Obama phone lady noted her belief that police officers are very restrictive in her Cleveland Heights neighborhood and used the illegality of walking around stark naked as an example.

An excerpt from the Michelle Dowery and Alex Jones interview reads:

“Where I live at, and where I was at, the police here’s running it. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I just moved from Cleveland Heights to Cleveland. Cleveland, you can walk outside butt-naked. You go to Cleveland Heights, they going to arrest you, say you raped someone, because you’re butt-naked. The police is running it all.”

When asked about her experience with FEMA, the Obama phone lady had this to say:

“Yes, I did. I used FEMA before. FEMA is the one that help you if you say that you flood is in the basement.”