Video Released Of Baseball Player Danry Vasquez Beating Girlfriend Inside A Stadium

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Warning: This post includes graphic violence,

A 2016 video has surfaced of minor league baseball player Danry Vasquez beating his girlfriend in the stairwell of a baseball stadium while he was playing for an AA minor league team of the Houston Astros in Corpus Christi, Texas. Despite the violent nature of the attack, Vasquez got off with no charges after attending anger management classes.

According to TMZ Sports, Danry Vasquez was arrested after stadium management saw the videotape of Vasquez beating his girlfriend. The Corpus Christi Hooks then released the outfielder, and he was picked up by a Pennsylvania team. Prosecutors said that they wanted to take the case against Danry Vasquez further, but his girlfriend, the victim, did not want to press charges. Vasquez completed his anger management classes and the case was formally dismissed last week.

Watch the Danry Vasquez graphic assault video here.

Now that the violent video has gone public, the minor league team in Pennsylvania has cut Danry Vasquez. Vasquez signed a contract with the Lancaster Barnstormers in Pennsylvania soon after being released from the Corpus Christi Hooks. The team released a statement alleging that they had no knowledge of the attack, which was captured on video.

“Upon being made aware of the nature of the incident, the Barnstormers made a prompt decision to cut ties with the [Danry Vasquez] 24-year old.”


Lancaster Barnstormers Manager Ross Peeples also released a statement about the termination of outfielder Danry Vasquez after viewing the graphic video.

“There is no choice but to sever the relationship. Neither I nor the Barnstormers’ organization as a whole, can condone or associate with that behavior.”

Two AA Baseball Teams Have Severed Ties With The Outfielder

The video of Danry Vasquez assaulting his girlfriend (while still in his baseball uniform) shows the couple walking down flights of stairs. There is no audio, but Danry Vasquez can be seen pausing periodically to take swings at the woman, who prefers to remain anonymous. Each time, outfielder Danry Vasquez knocks the woman’s sunglasses off, yet replaces them on her face after the punch.


The Daily Mail says that Nueces County District Attorney Mark Gonzalez agreed to the plea deal after the victim was uncooperative with the prosecution. Gonzalez said the plea was a fine and anger management classes.

“It was an assault that occurred, we had all the evidence to prove it we just allowed this individual to hopefully get the training and education so he wouldn’t continue to assault people where he has relationships with.”

After outfielder Danry Vasquez paid the fine and completed his classes, the case was dismissed and the arrest was wiped off his record. Gonzalez hopes that Vasquez learned something from the classes.

Danry Vasquez And The Woman In The Video Are Reportedly Still Together

“Yes I’ve seen the video, that’s what happens in domestic violence cases. I’m hoping Mr. Vasquez will be the poster boy for our program and never hurt somebody that he’s in a relationship with and only time will tell.”

Facebook photos months after the assault show Danry Vasquez and the woman in the video posing together and smiling. They are reportedly still together.

Major League Baseball site says that Danry Vasquez is 6-foot-3, 190 pounds, and was signed at age 16 out of Venezuela by the Detroit Tigers with a $1.2 million signing bonus.