‘Counting On’ Fans On Reddit Believe Derick Dillard Is Experiencing A Crisis Of Faith And May ‘Deconvert’

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Counting On and Duggar family fans are by now all aware of Derick Dillard and his social media antics. The former reality star has been using Twitter to “minister” to individuals all over the Internet, condemning everything from adultery to those who are transgender, but some fans on Reddit believe that this is because Derick is having a crisis of faith.

The Duggar family is well-known for being extremely Christian and extending these views onto their children. Ever since their television debut on 14 Kids and Pregnant Again!, the Duggar family has imposed on the TV audience that they put the Bible first and impose strict rules in regards to modesty, children’s contact with the outside world and relegating their schooling to the parents.

Derick Dillard married Jill Duggar, the second-oldest Duggar daughter in 2014. The pair committed themselves to missionary work, and lived in El Salvador for a few yers before returning to the United States to continue their work.

Ever since then, Derick Dillard has been using his social media to make many of his controversial views known, including the fact that he doesn’t believe homosexuals go to heaven and that the “liberal media” is using the survivors of the Parkland shooting to push their agenda.

The pair have gone into ministry for Cross Church, where they work with college age kids who are interested in exploring Christianity.


Fans of the TLC show, Counting On, discussed Derick’s recent behavior on Reddit and came to the conclusion that he is suffering from a crisis of faith. In a thread dedicated to the Duggar family and which child will likely be the first to leave the fold, it was thought that Derick might do so imminently. Many of those posting shared personal experiences of being raised in a very Christian household, only to have a crisis of faith and leave after a very performative period.

According to fans, Derick’s social media behavior is indicative of someone who doesn’t quite believe what he’s actually saying. Instead, they believe Derick is writing what he is writing in order to convince himself, as well as everyone else, that his words are real.

Thus far, none of the Duggar children or in-laws have opened strayed from the church, but statistically speaking, with 19 children, it is bound to happen at some point.