Jessa Duggar Kept Third Pregnancy Secret For Jinger Duggar’s Baby Announcement, According to ‘InTouch’

Jessa SeewaldInstagram

Jessa Duggar may have gotten halfway through her third pregnancy without having Counting On fans know about it. The 25-year-old Duggar is now reportedly four months pregnant with her third baby. This comes as a great surprise to all the loyal followers of the Duggar family, but the reason behind Jessa holding off on the good news is quite touching.

In the last few weeks, the wife of Ben Seewald has not been posting as much on her Instagram account. The last post, which was a video of baby Henry, was uploaded almost a month ago. Considering that she has one of the highest numbers of followers in her family and that she kept up with family updates all through 2017, it is odd that she chose to hold off on Instagram posts this month. With the recent report from In Touch Weekly, there seems to be a new explanation for her lack of selfies on Instagram.

“Jessa is definitely pregnant and will be making an announcement in April,” a source told In Touch, adding that she is four months along.

Considering that the Duggars announce their baby conception as soon as they are past the first trimester, Jessa and Ben’s delay seemed rather strange. But the source noted that they kept their third pregnancy a secret because they “did not want to take away from the news that her brother Josiah [Duggar] and Lauren [Swanson] are getting married.”

It has been a long time since she posted a picture of herself on the account. Now that she is a mother to two baby boys, she has been filling her feed with Henry and Spurgeon, who seem to take up most of her time. The last time that Jessa uploaded a picture of herself was back in December 2017, when she hung out with her in-laws.

If Jessa is indeed four months ago, that means that she conceived this baby back in November 2017, which is around the time that her younger sister, Jinger Duggar, got pregnant with her first child. Usually, in the Duggar family, a couple’s first pregnancy is given a lot more attention. With all the courtships, engagements and baby announcement, it may be possible that Jessa decided to save hers for another time.

Jessa and Ben currently have two baby sons, Spurgeon, 2, and Henry, 1.

The due date for Jessa Duggar is projected to be sometime in July, 2018, which also is the month that Jinger Duggar is due.