Alex Jones ‘Infowars’ Lawsuit Claims $12.5 Million Annual Sales: Alex Sued For Defamation By Brennan Gilmore

Ben JacksonGetty Images for SiriusXM

Brennan Gilmore went viral on August 12, 2017, when the below graphic video showing a car plowing into protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia, captivated the internet with horror. By March 14, 2018, Brennan’s video has swelled to more than six million views on his Twitter page alone, as Gilmore wrote that it was a “video of car hitting anti-racist protestors.” Gilmore went on to write that there shouldn’t be confusion about the matter. “Let there be no confusion: this was deliberate terrorism. My prayers with victims. Stay home,” Brennan concluded.

Now Brennan has filed a lawsuit against Alex Jones of Infowars and others in the wake of the horrific video taken in Charlottesville going viral. According to NBC News, Brennan has filed a lawsuit against Infowars host Jones, as well as former Congressman Allen West and others named as defendants in the lawsuit, for defamation of character. Brennan’s lawsuit claims that Alex prompted a campaign of harassment against Gilmore after Brennan’s video gained attention, with Alex telling the 2.3 million subscribers of The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube and others that Brennan was part of the so-called “deep state” and a “shill” whose video wasn’t true.

Gilmore’s lawsuit, as seen on the Georgetown Law website, names Gilmore as the plaintiff, demanding a jury trial against Alexander “Alex” E. Jones, of Infowars. Also listed as a defendant being sued in the defamation lawsuit is Free Speech Systems LLC, which is the parent company of Infowars, according to Ars Technica.

Also named in the lawsuit against InfoWars, as reported by CNN Money, is Derrick Wilburn, who is blamed for allegedly writing an article for Allen B. West’s website that defamed Gilmore. Former Breitbart writer Lee Stranahan is named in the lawsuit as well. Additional defendants named in the lawsuit against Alex are St. Louis resident and Gateway Pundit owner James “Jim” Hoft, as reported by WINA AM, as well as Infowars host Lee Ann McAdoo — who is also known as Lee Ann Fleissner. Scott Creighton, who operates the website American Everyman, is also named in Brennan’s lawsuit.

Brennan’s lawsuit notes the deep pockets that Alex’s online website has been able to amass by selling products to Jones’ followers.

“Defendant Jones stated in 2013 that the online store grossed an average of $9 million in sales annually. Estimates in 2017 indicate that sales could now be as high as $12.5 million annually.”

Gilmore blames Jones’ Infowars and others for the harassment that followed, some of which Brennan published on Twitter. Brennan’s lawsuit claims that Brennan’s parents’ personal home address was published online and that they received suspicious white powder in the mail.

Warning: Gilmore’s below video is graphic and disturbing and depicts violence.


Gilmore is seeking unspecified damages.