‘This Is Us’ Season 3 Spoilers: What Those Flash-Forward Scenes Could Mean

Ron BatzdorffNBC

This Is Us stunned fans during the Season 2 finale on Tuesday night. The show featured Kate and Toby’s wedding, but it also revealed some big upcoming storylines for Season 3. Fans couldn’t help but wonder what those flash-forward scenes could mean for upcoming episodes of the hit series.

According to a March 13 report by Harper’s Bazaar, This Is Us is offered some major Season 3 spoilers, hints, and clues in the final moments of the Season 2 finale. As Randall gave a moving toast about not being able to control the future, the show cut to one year ahead as Toby is dealing with a crippling bout of depression and Kate is there trying to comfort him. Another scene reveals that Kevin is now dating Beth’s cousin, Zoe, and the two look extremely happy together. They are traveling on a flight to Vietnam as Kevin holds a photo of his father, Jack, along with his brother during their time in the war.

It seems that This Is Us fans are likely going to find out much more about Jack’s time in Vietnam before he met Rebecca, as well as details on his brother’s death. Kevin will likely lead the charge on this storyline. Meanwhile, the most shocking flash-forward scene included an adult Tess and much older Randall 20 years into the future.

In those moments, the father and daughter look solemn, as Randall tells his oldest daughter that “It’s time to go see her,” to which Tess replies, “I’m not ready.” Randall says, “Me either.” This is the scene that had everyone talking after the This Is Us Season 2 finale. The camera spent a lot of time focusing on Beth living life to the fullest at Kate and Toby’s wedding in those final moments, and now some fans believe that future Beth will be sick or dead.


However, This Is Us rumors also suggest that Randall could be referring to an adult version of Deja, who in the finale was seen destroying Randall’s car with a baseball bat. Perhaps Deja is in prison after going down a dark path like her mother. Another option could be that Rebecca is sick and/or dying. Either way, it seems fans are in for a wild ride during Season 3.

This Is Us has become a huge favorite among viewers and will return to NBC for Season 3 this fall.