'Avengers: Infinity War' BTS Details Might Confirm Captain America Not Hiding In Wakanda In 'Black Panther'

The world might already be looking forward to Avengers: Infinity War, yet some fans are still wondering where Steve Rogers has been hiding after the events in Captain America: Civil War. There have been speculations that Chris Evans' iconic character actually camped out in Wakanda since he was last seen leaving the armless Bucky Barnes under T'Challa's care in the Civil War post-credits scene.

Wakanda certainly seems like an ideal hiding place for Captain America since the country has been great at keeping secrets for thousands of years. However, new details revealed by Gizmodo may have confirmed that Steve Rogers was nowhere near Africa while Erik Killmonger took over the kingdom in Black Panther.

The news outlet recently offered some behind-the-scenes details on Avengers: Infinity War, revealing that several main characters will be escorting Vision to Wakanda via a Quinjet. The superheroes include Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Rhodie, and Scarlet Witch.

Although some are quick to point out that Captain America might have no problem finding Wakanda because he has lived here during the events in Black Panther, it is also revealed that Steve Rogers is reuniting with Bucky Barnes, who has been staying in Wakanda after things got crazy in Civil War. The two have a brief exchange before Falcon starts joking about Bucky becoming hostile when someone mentions "baloney sandwich."

Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier

So does this confirm that Captain America was not in Wakanda when Erik Killmonger challenged and defeated T'Challa in Black Panther? It is highly unlikely that Steve Rogers would simply stand around when his friend is in danger, even if it could mean he would be in harm's way. Steve would probably be the first person to try and keep Queen Ramonda and Shuri safe. In addition to that, T'Challa would have thought of contacting Cap as soon as he was revived since, as Everett Ross put it, he was gonna need all the help he could get.

T'Challa Faces Killmonger In Black Panther

But where has Captain America been hiding all this time? There is a possibility that Steve headed back home to New York and kept a low profile. Hopefully, the truth will be revealed when Avengers: Infinity War premieres on April 27.