Trump Tweets ‘Marine Core’ Instead Of ‘Marine Corps’ And Gets Mocked On Twitter

Sandy HuffakerGetty Images

President Donald Trump spoke to Marine Corps troops on Tuesday, March 13, at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego, California. However, a tweet published that same day to the official Twitter account of Trump raised the ire of some military veterans, when Trump spelled “corps” incorrectly – using the word’s phonetic “core” spelling instead of the correct spelling of the word.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Trump wrote that it was his great honor to speak at the “Marine Core Air Station Miramar.” The word “corps” is defined as a “main subdivision of an armed force in the field, consisting of two or more divisions” or a military branch that performs specific work. “Corps” can even extend to a group of people performing a certain job, the like press corps.

However, Trump’s “core” faux pas has brought a plethora of jokes to Twitter when one reads the tweets being published about Trump writing “Marine Core” on the same day that Trump spoke of creating a U.S. “Space Force” to engage in space warfare, according to the Huffington Post. As seen on the publication’s page about Trump’s “core” mistake, some military veteran groups were particularly incensed about Trump’s error.


As seen in the above tweet, President Trump would eventually correct his “core” error and republish the tweet with “Marine Corps Air Station Miramar” spelled correctly. It was Trump’s first visit to California as commander-in-chief, where he examined prototypes of border walls and attended a fundraising event in Beverly Hills.

Previously, Mashable reported that Trump’s grammar level is on par with that of a fifth-grade student.

As reported by the Hill, Trump was publishing photos of himself and his time spent speaking with the Marines when he wrote the initial “Marine Core” error, prior to deleting the tweet and publishing it with the corrected “Marine Corps” spelling. As witnessed by many screenshots of Trump’s “core” error that were republished to Twitter, Trump received plenty of blowback about his spelling error, with some folks advising Trump to correct his mistake.

A small portion of individuals came to Trump’s defense on Twitter, writing that “some people call it the Marine Core,” perhaps without realizing the proper spelling is “Marine Corps.”