Dog With Human Face Prompts ‘Fox & Friends’ To Share Online Comparisons Made To Celebrities

This picture of a dog with a human face is memorizing folks today with some not sure if they should be 'delighted' or 'disturbed' by the pup's uncanny resemblance to a 'serious old man face.'

Dog in Shadow
kovop58 / Shutterstock

This picture of a dog with a human face is memorizing folks today with some not sure if they should be 'delighted' or 'disturbed' by the pup's uncanny resemblance to a 'serious old man face.'

There are plenty of pictures of dogs with human faces online, but a good majority of those human faces are Photoshopped. This is evident when people simply paste a picture of a human face on a picture of their dog, resulting in an Aunt Maggie poodle-mix as a bizarre-looking joke. This latest dog with a human-like face was shared in an online photo, and it has now become a media sensation. It is a real dog that lives with owners who never realized the uncanny resemblance this dog’s face has to a human.

Fox & Friends has a tendency to break up all the doom and gloom of daily news with human interest stories, and the one they did about the dog with the human face on Wednesday morning was jaw-dropper. The dog, whose name is Yogi, hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts, and this is not the first time he has made the rounds on the internet after someone spotted a picture of him and saw a human face seemingly hidden behind all that fur.

According to Hello Giggles, people are not sure if they find themselves “delighted” or “disturbed” when looking at the photo of the dog with the human face. People are overwhelmed with hearing “look at my dog picture.” These requests are made by friends, family, and co-workers, as dogs are now a very big part of the American family. But when you take a look at this dog, you do not see the typical puppy-dog face. This “little doggy face looks like a serious old man face,” suggests Hello Giggles.

People across social media went a step further, according to Fox & Friends this morning, as the news show shared comparison pictures of the dog to famous faces found online. The Daily Mail suggests that this dog looks a lot like Jake Gyllenhaal. If you do a Twitter search for “Dog with human face looks like” the majority of the side-by-side comparisons shared on Twitter contain a picture of Gyllenhaal from the Daily Mail Post.

Still, people online are making comparisons to a variety of famous faces like two handsome stars posted in the tweet below.

It seems those serious eyes of Jake’s have won folks over when comparing Yogi with the stars, suggests the Daily Mail.

While Fox & Friends showed the different comparisons for the dog with the human face and various celebrities found online, the one below seemed to get the most buzz. This was posted by Sian Welby, the Heart Radio DJ. When this tweet of Hangover star Zach Galifianakis in his younger years came up, Welby seemed to see a resemblance. Could it be the stare in both sets of eyes that brings on that resemblance? Or is it possible that all the hair on Zach’s face offers a likeness to this dog with a human face?

The owners of the dog with the human face claim the picture is not a product of digital enhancement, as a previous Inquisitr article reports. The family that owns the dog had a lot to say about how they discovered their dog’s face looked human to the masses.