Dog With Human-Like Face Becomes Internet Sensation

Tina FinebergAP Images

A one-year-old dog named Yogi with a human-like face has gone viral on Facebook and Reddit. Chantal’s picture of her dog, Yogi was posted on Facebook in December 2017 but it only went viral after it was shared by a user on Reddit recently. The user shared the pic with the following comment, “A friend of a friend posted a pic on Facebook of her dog. It looks like it has a man’s face,” according to Elite Daily.

The pic went viral after it was shared by the user, prompting other users to drop all sorts of comments. However, the main focus of the comments were on if the dog actually had a man’s face or human-like features. Some users agreed that he, in fact, had a human-like face while some think his eyes and lips are the only human-like features he has.

Chantal Desjardins, the owner of the one-year-old Shih-poo told Elite Daily that her intention was not to snap a pic of Yogi, but to take a pic of Darla her second dog after she finally got her to keep buns on her hair. Yogi just happened to be in the mix and stole the spotlight from Darla, unintentionally. However, it was not Darla, but Yogi, the Shih-poo who was getting all the attention. Yogi is a Shih-poo, a cross breed between a Shih Tzu and a poodle, according to ABC News.


Desjardins confessed that she never noticed Yogi’s human-like face until the pic went viral, prompting her to take a closer look, according to ABC News. One of Chantal’s close friends thinks that Yogi bears a striking resemblance to Sean Astin, according to the report. Chantal Desjardins is overwhelmed by the buzz her dog is making on social media, she says she “wasn’t expecting” so much buzz and explained that “never had so many people reach[ed] out” to her on social media.


However, some critics think that Yogi’s face looks Photoshopped but the owner confirmed that her Shih-poo is “authentic and a perfect puppy.” The resemblance according to many users is mostly in the eyes, according to Elite Daily. The report says that once you see the resemblance, it can’t be unseen. Creepy, adorable and cute are some of the words used to describe the dog. The argument about the Shih-poo actually having a human-like face is still open on social media.