Trump Opinion Poll: Only Half Of U.S. President Voters Say Affair With Stormy Daniels Is Immoral

Chris van Buren

Both sides have now spoken about the latest storm that's thrown at the White House. No pun here.

A new poll from HuffPost/YouGov has revealed that only half of U.S. President Donald Trump's voters find that his alleged affair with pornographic film actress Stormy Daniels is immoral or lascivious in nature. The latest survey, which was just published on Tuesday, has also indicated that half of which are unsure and told that such liaison is not immoral.

Meanwhile, three-quarters of Trump's voters have opined that in the event that these allegations are proven to be true, these should not affect nor it is relevant to his presidency. In a more pronounced sentiment. these voters claimed that they are not that affected or concerned with the president's private life. On the other hand, 70 percent has chimed in that even if an elected official has committed an illicit affair, he or she can still perform conduct his duties in public and that they can behave ethically.

The seemingly approving nature of these respondents on Trump's moral issues came as no surprise for many. The U.S. President, who's been married thrice, has also been mired with sexual misconduct by numerous women even before he stepped into his current post. Infamously, Trump was called out before for boasting that he could grab women "by the pu***" and that he could do so because he's famous.

In the other spectrum, Trump's staunch opponent's voters have also weighed in regarding the president's current scandal. Eighty percent of Hillary Clinton's voters believe that these accusations are, in fact, credible. Moreover, 86 percent has responded that the U.S. President's affair with Daniels would be categorically immoral. Less than a quarter of these voters have also opined that elected officials who've been found to act immorally can still behave ethically right in their stature.

Despite this recent survey, U.S. President Donald Trump is still being reported to be seeking advice from his closest confidantes on how he could handle the Stormy Daniels allegations. Currently, he is being advised to not fight off Daniel's decision to break the confidentiality agreement as this would paint him guilty.