Charlie Sheen Wants Back On ‘Two And A Half Men’ [Video]

Charlie Sheen wants his role in Two and a Half Men back.

Even though he trashed the popular sitcom and its creator, Chuck Lorre, in a long-running and heated public battle, Sheen is ready to make amends and return to the show that made him a TV star, reports MSN.

On Monday night’s episode of Late Show With David Letterman, Charlie Sheen said he’d like to appear on the final Two and a Half Men episode, whenever it tapes.

“I would like to go back,” he said.

Sheen’s character may have been killed off after he left the show, but it’s possible he could return in a dream, a vision, or possibly as a ghost. So is it possible? Probably not, because it was clear from the sit-down that his hostile attitude hasn’t changed much. When Letterman reminded him that his character is dead, Sheen replied “But so is the show.”

On behalf of Two and a Half Men, Sheen said that “they’re doing the best they can” and that Kutcher “does a great job.”

Sheen also admitted that he hasn’t been able to promote his new show, FX’s Anger Management, on Letterman’s CBS due to a ban imposed by them.

“It’s nice to be back in the CBS family — even as a foster child,” he said, adding: “They’re nice until they fire you.”

What do you think? Could Charlie Sheen return to Two and a Half Men? Here’s the clip of his sit-down with Letterman: