WWE News: The Real Reason Ronda Rousey Missed ‘Monday Night Raw’

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Ronda Rousey was supposed to be in every episode of WWE Monday Night Raw from the event after Elimination Chamber until WrestleMania 34. However, on a night where Roman Reigns called out Brock Lesnar for no-showing Monday Night Raw, Rousey was not at the show either. While many fans questioned the fact that Ronda was not at the event, and started to compare her on social media to a part-time start like Lesnar, there was a legitimate reason why Rousey was not at the show. Pro Wrestling Sheets revealed that the real reason Ronda Rousey was not on Monday Night Raw this week was that she had to go in for scheduled medical testing.

Ronda Rousey Missing Monday Night Raw

According to the site, Ronda Rousey wanted to be on Monday Night Raw to continue her WWE storyline feud with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, but couldn’t because of the medical testing in Pittsburgh. The WWE was in Detroit this week for Raw.

There was an article on WWE.com that advertised that Ronda Rousey would be on every episode of Monday Night Raw leading into WrestleMania 34, and Pro Wrestling Sheet has screencaps of the article and the fact that the WWE has since deleted it after Rousey had to miss this week’s episode.

However, it looks like with the medical testing out of the way, Ronda Rousey will be on every episode of WWE Monday Night Raw from here out to set up the mixed tag team match with her and Kurt Angle taking on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 34.

WWE News: The Real Reason Ronda Rousey Missed 'Monday Night Raw'
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Rousey’s WWE Road To WrestleMania

Of course, Ronda Rousey started her Road to WrestleMania when she appeared at the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view to sign her Monday Night Raw contract only to have Kurt Angle tell her that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H just wanted to use her and hold her down for embarrassing them at WrestleMania 31.

Before she signed her WWE contract, Stephanie McMahon slapped Ronda Rousey, which caused the former UFC champ to put Triple H through a table. The next night on Monday Night Raw, Kurt Angle called out Ronda and said he lied and needed to keep his job. Ronda said that was fine but then demanded an apology from McMahon. Stephanie apologized, but then Triple H sucker punched Angle.

Then, last week on Monday Night Raw, Kurt Angle came out and called out Triple H. Stephanie McMahon answered the challenge and made threats to Angle about his job. That brought out Ronda Rousey, who pointed out that she could challenge anyone she wanted from the WWE and challenged McMahon. Angle made the match and then added himself and Triple H to it.

There is no word yet on what the main event of WrestleMania 34 will be, but a good bet is that Ronda Rousey will be involved in one of the biggest WWE matches on the show. With that said, expect her to make all the Monday Night Raw episodes leading into the April pay-per-view from here out.