NFL Rumors: New England Patriots Could Be Landing Spot For Jordy Nelson According To 'Fansided'

The Green Bay Packers may have done the New England Patriots a huge favor by releasing Jordy Nelson Tuesday afternoon. According to Josh Hill of Fansided, the Patriots would be a great fit for the former Packer. With New England losing Danny Amendola to the Miami Dolphins Tuesday, the Patriots will need someone to fill the void.

There is always the case that Chris Hogan will step up, however, Amendola has been the Patriots' best possession receiver for the last five years. During his career with the Pats, Amendola caught 230 passes for 2,883 yards and 12 touchdowns for an average of 10.4 yards per catch. Meanwhile, Nelson was by far the favorite target of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay where he caught 550 passes for 7,848 yards and 69 touchdowns with an average of 14.3 yards per catch. This will be an upgrade for the Patriots.

Over the course of Bill Belichick's history with the Patriots, he's been known to extend a helping hand to those who were either cut or passed over by other teams. Making a move on Nelson now would be a smart play according to Hill.

Is it possible to name a wide receiver who has not thrived in a Josh-McDaniels-led offense? Any receiver teamed with the likes of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski has a chance to exceed 1,000 yards in a season easily. What Nelson must think about if he decides to keep playing are the possibilities he will have with such a team. Not to take anything away from Rodgers and the Packers, but they are not as loaded as the Pats and will not be the favorites to come out of their conference in 2018.


To add more intrigue on just how dangerous adding Nelson could be, Nelson could be teamed with Brandin Cooks who came over from the Saints last season to catch 65 passes for 1,082 yards and seven touchdowns in 2017. The best part about a possible deal is that the Pats might be able to get Jordy Nelson for the cheap.

The Patriots have always found a way to replace talent with more talent and still win. Adding Jordy Nelson would be just another example.