Danica Patrick Shares Photo And Video In Race Suit Getting Seat Fitting For Indianapolis 500

Danica Patrick shared a photo and video on Instagram of her in the famous GoDaddy race suit on Tuesday. As ESPN reported on March 7, Danica is getting a seat fitting this week in Indianapolis for the upcoming final race of her career, the 2018 Indy 500.

"What? Just a normal work day hanging out in my normal work look," Danica Patrick captioned the image.

Danica is seen in her trademark GoDaddy suit while wearing a black helmet with the Bell Sports helmet logo. She's giving the camera a thumbs-up while a Papillon dog sits on her lap. It's not specified where the image was snapped, but it's in a lobby where it's presumably linked to getting her car seat molded.

The video at the bottom of the page plays at fast speed as Danica sits in the mold of her seat.

Patrick is keeping her fans up to date as she prepares for the second leg of her "Danica Double" race. She finished 35th in the Daytona 500 race on February 18 following a car wreck. The 35-year-old racer told Yahoo Sports that it's all part of the "gamble" when it comes to competing in this sport. It can either be great, go really "so well," or go "really awful." It wasn't the way she wanted the Daytona 500 to end, but it's not deterring her spirit.

Danica looks forward to the Indianapolis 500 that'll happen on May 27. Auto Week reports that she'll test an Indy car at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on March 29 before official practice for the race gets underway on May 15.

"I'm going to win the thing," Patrick said.

Danica Patrick will team up with Ed Carpenter Racing and GoDaddy for her final race. She'll even design the fire suit she'll wear for the final race.

GoDaddy Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman said it isn't about Danica winning, but more to do with her "moxie, her commitment and her ability to compete at the highest levels of a male-dominated sport."

Danica's GoDaddy car will be No. 13, a number she's not superstitious about. Green is also a color many avoid for having a negative connotation, but Patrick insists it's been a good thing for her.

The Indianapolis 500 will be Patrick's first race in an Indy car since 2011. As Carpenter stated, Danica's return to Indy comes as the series transitions to a new car that's similar to the one she drove before she opted for NASCAR full-time.

Carpenter believes Danica Patrick's last race will amount to "historical relevance." Fans are anxiously anticipating what Danica's final race will hold in her successful career.