Lindsay Lohan Says Not Guilty Of Lying To Police

Lindsay Lohan’s longtime lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley appeared in a Los Angeles court today and pleaded not guilty in Lindsay’s case stating she lied to police officers. Apparently, she hasn’t fired her lawyer after all.

The judge was clearly up to date on Lohan’s latest antics; Holley confirmed she would be representing the actress moving forward. The judge then emphasized that any confusion arising from the situation involving Lohan’s lawyers must be worked out prior to January 30 when the Scary Movie 5 star is required to appear in court, says FOX News.

Holley has gone on record as saying:

“The representation issue will be nailed down.”

Lohan has apparently been calling Holley’s office in hysterics over the past two weeks and throwing tantrums if her calls were not returned quickly enough. We are told she has been furious at her longtime lawyer since last October when emails were leaked about staging an intervention to get into rehab. For the moment, she’s keeping Holley around.

Lohan was charged with reckless driving, lying to police about who was driving when her Porsche rear-ended a dump truck, and obstruction of justice. The actress was on probation at the time for a necklace theft case in 2011 and could be sentenced to almost a year in jail if it is determined her conduct violated her probation. Her probation was revoked last month but she had yet to enter a plea on the current charges, according to CBS News.

The accident occurred on her way to filming at the beach for the upcoming film Liz and Dick.

An insider has said:

“It’s a big mistake if Lindsay loses Shawn. But the bad blood is there now. She was the one person on Lindsay’s team who stood by her.”

The film was expected to be a comeback opportunity for Lohan, who spent the past several years struggling with criminal court cases.