Kim Kardashian Shows Fans She ‘Needs A Tan’ In Racy Pic That ‘Left Little To Imagination’

Paul MorigiGetty Images

While Kim Kardashian posting racy photos of herself online is nothing new, her latest picture comes with a self-critique that offers something a bit different from the queen of reality shows. It looks as if Kim seems to find a flaw in her presentation with her recently posted picture on Instagram, which she captions “I need a tan.”

The Daily Mail suggests that Kim’s recent photo showing her in a bikini bottom has “left little to the imagination.” The comments racking up on the Daily Mail article are not all positive in nature about Kim or her photo.

One comment speaks to Kim’s caption of “I need a tan.” That comment suggests that this Kardashian sister needs “more than a tan.” The photo from her Instagram page is seen below in the article. She is sitting in bikini bottoms and a form-fitting gray t-shirt.

The Instagram page of Kim Kardashian is full of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star in various clothing, from winter clothes on a snowy ski trail to a barely-there bikini while rolling around on a bed.

As you can see in Kim’s recent picture, she has her hair dyed pink, the same color that her husband, Kanye West, was spotted with recently, according to an earlier Inquisitr article. Hip Magazine reports in their tweet below that Kanye West copies Kim Kardashian turning his locks into bright pink just like his wife’s.


Some of the people commenting on The Daily Mail article that displays Kim’s latest Instagram picture aren’t particularly overjoyed with yet another picture of the famous reality star.

Some of the readers have suggested she needs to spend more time with her children, like the comment that says “What you really NEED to do is finally go and meet Chicago for the first time,” which is the name of her newborn baby, Chicago West. The first photo that Kim shared with her newest family member is seen below.

Her recent photo was described by the Daily Mail as something “left little to the imagination,” and people didn’t seem all too enthused. In the comment section, someone thought that Kim didn’t look happy. They wrote, “She looks disturbed and lonely. She is desperate for attention. Someone should tell her to just stop taking spooky pics like these. Getting weird by the hour!”

Another person wrote that Kim is “a fundamentally unhappy, self-adoring malfunctioned human being.” Kim writes, “I need a tan,” but another commenter suggests, “no, you need to go look after your children.” Another comment suggested that she doesn’t need a tan, “No, you need a life with morals.”

Of course, there were a few comments from people who weren’t that harsh, but they were few and far between. The comments are seen at the bottom of the Daily Mail article.