Who Is Lauren Swanson? Everything We Know About ‘Counting On’ Star Josiah Duggar’s Bride-To-Be

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Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson announced their engagement earlier this month, and after just a few weeks of dating, there is still a lot for fans to learn about the newest addition to the Duggar family. So, what is there to know about Josiah’s bride-to-be?

Details about Swanson are few and far between at this point because she is not active on social media, but we do know that she is originally from Georgia and still has ties there. She is new to Arkansas and only 18-years-old, so it is unclear if she has any kind of job. But, the Swansons and Duggars have been long-time friends, and many suspect that she made the move to pursue Josiah.

Even though what Swanson does for a living is unknown, there are a few things we have been able to figure out. Like her fiancé, Swanson is from a large religious family, and she is the oldest of eight kids, with her mom Lana reportedly being pregnant with her ninth baby. As for her dad Dwain, he founded a ministry for men wanting to connect with the Lord.

According to Romper, Swanson will soon be fully immersed in Duggar life, and that means appearing on Counting On, the family’s reality show. But the show only films a few months out of the year and is not the full-time job it may appear to be, so that means the couple is going to have to work.

Josiah has his real estate license and works for his dad as part of the family business. He has also talked about becoming a pilot, and last year trained in the Alert Academy to become a part of a land-air emergency response team.

Duggar women don’t traditionally have jobs and are instead expected to be wives and mothers, so if the Duggar kids that came before Josiah are any indication, Swanson will be married and pregnant at this time next year.

Josiah’s sister Joy-Anna was engaged to Austin Forsyth for only three months before they tied the knot, and his brother Joseph was engaged to Kendra Caldwell for four months before they said their “I do’s.” On top of that, both couples got pregnant within weeks of getting married.

Once a Duggar figures out they have found “the one,” they don’t take long to get to the altar. After all, they can’t kiss or have any physical contact with their partners until they are married, so it makes sense why there is such a rush.

This means that Duggar fans should probably prepare for a summer wedding because it doesn’t look like Josiah and his new fiancée will be able to wait much longer.

Watch Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson fall in love on new episodes of Counting On Monday nights on TLC.