Human Remains Found In The Backyard Of Missing Walt Disney World Monorail Cast Member

Danny Cox

A horrible discovery has been made at the home of a Walt Disney World cast member and it has now brought about a sense of dread to those who knew him. Three years ago, a man named Michael Shaver went missing and many have wondered where he is, but things grew cold in their search. Now, human remains have been found at his residence and has led police to broaden their investigation into what exactly is going on.

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that 36-year-old Michael Shaver used to work as a monorail mechanic for Walt Disney World. He went missing back in 2015 and no-one knew where he could have gone, but not a person has seen him since he vanished.

Now, police have uncovered human remains in the backyard of his home in which his wife, Laurie Shaver, still lives. On Feb. 16, police recovered an upper arm bone and found additional bones this past weekend near a fresh layer of concrete in the backyard of the Shaver home.

Shaver’s wife originally cooperated with police and allowed them to search her home, but she soon told them to stop when they wanted to bring in a cadaver dog. The police issued a warrant, searched the home, and found the human remains.


The human remains have been sent off for testing to determine who they belong to.

One of the strangest things about this whole situation is that Michael Shaver has not been seen since 2015, but he was only reported missing in February of this year. When the Orlando Sentinel asked Stacie Shaver, Michael’s older sister, why they hadn’t told the police, she said the family believed they could find him on their own.

A friend of Michael Shaver is who finally reported him missing last month. According to Fox 35, Laurie Shaver, Michael’s wife, is seen as a person of interest in her husband’s disappearance.

The disappearance of Michael Shaver is a tragic story in itself as no-one knows where the Walt Disney World cast member has been for the last three years. He worked as a monorail mechanic and simply vanished from sight without so much as a clue as to where he may be. Police finding human remains in the backyard of his home has only added to the mystery of this entire story and there will be much more to come from it all.