Apple And Google Drop Their Ranks In Annual Survey


In the latest ranking of companies, Amazon maintained the top position as the top corporate brand while Apple and Google faded from the 10 most visible brands.

The survey asked 25,800 U.S adults their perceptions of company brands. The study was conducted from December 11, 2017, to January 12, 2018. The aim of the study is to look at the state of company brands and which ones are the most visible.

Both Google and Apple dropped considerably in this survey and their brands suffered a setback compared to a year earlier. The iPhone manufacturer, Apple, went from No. 5 to 29th. Google, on the other hand, went from No. 2 to 28th.

The CEO of the Harris Poll, John Gerzema, informed Reuters the reasons for the fallout of these top corporate brands. One explanation provided was that Apple and Google had not introduced attention-grabbing products like they had done in previous years. The Google Docs and Google Maps were a novelty as were the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

“Google and Apple, at this moment, are sort of in valleys. We’re not quite to self-driving cars yet. We’re not yet seeing all the things in artificial intelligence they’re going to do.”


The electronic commerce and clouding company, Amazon, continued its dominance in the top position. For five years, Amazon has maintained the No. 1 except for the year 2015. Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, attributed the company’s success to the expansion into areas of groceries. In other words, since the acquisition of Whole Foods Amazon is growing into other sectors of the marketplace.

Elsewhere, Elon Musk had his company climb up six positions. Tesla went from No. 9 to No. 3. The departure of the Tesla Roadster into space aboard the SpaceX rocket was a boost to the company’s visibility and exposure of its brand.


In the word of social media, Facebook in spite of the scrutiny and debate over its role in the American elections came in 51st place out 100 companies surveyed. The highest the world’s largest social network achieved was 38th place back in 2014.

The film production company, The Weinstein Co, was ranked 99th out of 100. This was a result of 70 women that accused co-founder Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct and rape.


Overall, Amazon came out on top. As reported by Geekwire, the company’s expansion into healthcare is another contributing factor for its positive perception with consumers in the marketplace.

“Amazon continues to set the bar, earning an ‘excellent’ reputation for the eighth consecutive year,” the report said. The company was also praised for “setting bold goals in reimagining healthcare,” for its plans to team with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase & Co. to form a new independent healthcare company.”