‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Recaps Season 2 Finale, Discusses Kate And Her Weight Loss Wars [Spoilers]

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The cast of This Is Us has been promising to wrap the second season on a lighter note, and the show fulfilled that promise with the highly anticipated finale. Chrissy Metz talked with the Hollywood Reporter about Kate’s wedding to Toby as well as the on-going This Is Us saga of Kate’s struggles to lose weight. Warning: If you have not yet seen the most recent episode of This Is Us, there are spoilers below.

Chrissy Metz Reflects On This Is Us Season Two Finale

Looking back on the Season 2 finale before looking ahead to Season 3, Chrissy Metz reflected on what the episode signified for Kate and her ongoing struggle with the tragic death of her father Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). Even though the episode featured Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Kate preparing for their wedding, Chrissy pointed out that her character’s scenes with Jack were critical to a multi-faceted conclusion to Season 2.

The This Is Us cast previously hinted that Milo Ventimiglia would appear looking as if he hadn’t died. Those hints turned into reality when an older Jack (Milo in old-age makeup) appeared in Kate’s dreams as if he had never lost his life 20 years before. The dream sequences were woven with kid Kate and teen Kate interacting with Jack, and Chrissy Metz praised the way that the episode played out.

“It was layered with young Kate and current Kate and their relationship [with Jack]…or what the relationship could have been.”

Although Chrissy and Milo had to wait two years before they could perform together on This Is Us, Metz said that the wait was “worth it.” Chrissy pointed out that all who have lost someone they loved think back on the memories they shared and “things that could have been shared,” such as Kate’s wedding.

Chrissy Metz Talks Kate’s and Toby’s Relationship

Metz also addressed the concerns that some viewers had about Kate or Toby getting so stressed that the wedding would be called off. Chrissy didn’t fear that the writers would go to such lengths to keep up the level of tension and drama for which This Is Us is famed. Instead, Metz felt that the season ended up giving viewers a virtual hug.

“[The finale] was really like a really great hug…. So many people had predictions that, ‘Kate is so emotional and she can’t handle things’ that she would leave Toby at the altar, so I’m glad to know that it was a feel-good finale.”

In addition, Metz reflected on the role that Toby has played in helping Kate to finally heal from Jack’s death. Chrissy admitted that “all of us, myself included, sometimes need people to believe in us so we believe in ourselves.” Metz feels that Toby has accomplished that shift for Kate.

Chrissy Metz Discusses Kate’s Weight Loss Struggles

Since the first episode of This Is Us, Chrissy has taken on the challenge of showing Kate’s struggles to lose weight. In recent episodes, This Is Us has also shown young Kate and teen Kate experiencing their own weight wars.

'This Is Us' has shown that even as a child, Kate struggled with her weight.
'This Is Us' has shown that even as a child, Kate struggled with her weight.Featured image credit: Ron BatzdorffNBC Images

While Chrissy appreciates that This Is Us has taken time to explore other aspects of Kate, such as her music, she acknowledged that “weight has been a really huge deal” in her character’s life. Consequently, Metz believes that Season 3, at least in the beginning, will continue to show Kate’s battle with the scale.

“Until [Kate] either comes to terms with it, either way, whether she wants to lose weight or she’s happy the way she is, it’s going to be an issue because that’s just life.”

Chrissy said that she has complete trust in the writers. Whether Kate decides she’s content with her weight or wants to lose, Metz predicts This Is Us will be “exciting and interesting and unconventional.”

Chrissy Metz Looks Ahead To Season Three Of This Is Us

In addition to showing Kate’s ongoing struggle with her weight, season three of This Is Us will show Kate and Toby experiencing changes in their relationship, according to Metz. A flash-forward in the finale revealed Toby struggling with depression.

“Toby has given a lot to Kate. While it will be difficult what comes up, she also knows that she wants to be there for her husband.”

Chrissy predicted that the third season will show Kate learning to achieve a balance between supporting Toby and “being there” for herself. In addition, the next season will continue the storyline about Toby and Kate wanting to have children. Metz said that everything that happens in the couple’s relationship will affect that process.

“I do know that they do want children in some capacity, and everything that happens in the relationship affects that process,” she added.