Major County Sheriff Steven Randolph Arrested For Misdemeanors After Alleged Death Threats To Carlos Aguilar

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

The above photo shows Major County Sheriff Steven Randolph; a booking photo that was provided by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. According to the official Facebook page of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Randolph was arrested after an incident with the boyfriend of Steven’s daughter. Randolph, as reported by the bureau, pulled a gun during the run-in with Carlos Aguilar.

Randolph was placed under arrest after driving his sheriff’s vehicle directly in the path of Carlos. Next, the Major County sheriff allegedly grabbed Carlos’ clothes by his neck and collar area as Randolph reached through Aguilar’s opened window of his truck. According to the OSBI account of the incident that occurred in May 2017, Randolph also issued death threats towards Carlos at that time.

Carlos was released from Randolph’s grasp after Steven’s wife urged her 44-year-old husband to let Aguilar go. After letting Carlos go from his clutch, Randolph allegedly took out his gun and pointed the weapon at the road and discharged one shot from his gun. As a result of the melee, Steven was arrested on three misdemeanor counts. The OSBI Facebook page shows reactions from commentators to Randolph’s arrest on misdemeanor charges, including “malicious injury to property,” along with assault and battery, as well as “reckless conduct with a firearm.”

Steven Randolph was arrested after alleged death threats to daughter's boyfriend.
Steven Randolph was arrested after alleged death threats to daughter's boyfriend.Featured image credit: KolidzeiShutterstock

Randolph was arrested on Monday, March 12, according to KOKH FOX 25. Randolph was first investigated in November 2017 after the District 26 District Attorney’s Office put in a request to the OSBI to look into the incident with Carlos from May 2017. Randolph, born on October 21, 1973, was booked into the Blaine County jail.

According to Tulsa World, Randolph and his confrontation with Carlos took place in an undisclosed location in Major County.

Randolph allegedly threatened to kill the man. An OSBI spokeswoman states in the release that Randolph’s wife persuaded him to let go of the man’s collar. Randolph then allegedly pointed his gun toward the roadway and fired a shot. The release does not indicate where the confrontation occurred in Major County. Major County is located in the northwest region of Oklahoma, with a population of approximately 7,500 people, according to the 2010 census.

After Randolph was booked into the Blaine County jail on Monday, he posted bond and was released, according to jail records.