Rihanna Leaves Interview When Asked About Chris Brown

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown on rocky terms? Who knows! In the last year the two stars have been on again off again it’s hard to keep everything straight. If anything, we’re now certain that Rihanna saves Chris Brown exclusives for Oprah only.

During a recent interview the “Nobodies Business” singer left her interview prematurely with Complex magazine when asked about love Chris Brown. Even though Rihanna does get into some talk with Complex about her relationship with Brown, the singer was bothered when asked why she insists on making a record about her and Brown’s relationship if it really is nobody’s business.

Following the question, Rihanna, who seemed to be both disturbed and confused in print, followed the question up by saying, “Pardon me? It’s the truth. Remember?” After that, clearly bothered Rihanna decides that it was time to cut the interview with Complex, even though it was a pretty friendly exchange leading up to the Chris Brown question. The singer bit back before leaving the interview, “It’s a fun record that The-Dream wrote and we loved the lyrics. You’re still asking me questions about it, so clearly you don’t know.”

Complex magazine isn’t the first to ask Rihanna about the nature of her relationship with Chris Brown, and it certainly won’t be the last one. Recently it was said that the singer is currently dating her ex Matt Kemp after Brown gave her the cold shoulder. However, that has already been refuted approximately three hours after the story came out.

Despite that fact Rihanna is still on the cover of Complex. In addition, Rihanna decided to tweet out a few versions of her Complex cover. Looks like they made up?