Samsung Galaxy S9, Plus Interiors Reveal Issues Involving Blurry Photos & Similarities To S8 Specs

Manu FernandezAP Images

A recent teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has revealed a few of the issues that owners may have with the new smartphone. One of those involves the occasionally blurry image when the camera is used in low-light situations. A few other issues are pointed out, but only once the smartphone is opened up to reveal the true “guts” of the gadget. Here are details about the latest findings on Samsung’s new smartphone.

As previously reported at the Inquisitr, the new S9+ model of the Samsung phone features a dual-lens camera and a 2x optical zoom, which some might say would make it one of the best camera phones on the market today. However, a recent reveal of what’s actually inside the smartphone as far as the technology goes might suggest otherwise.

A report from CNET on Sunday shed more light on the “low-light” blurry photos situation. They indicated that iFixit recently opened up the phone to check out the interior and found that there are “just two rotating, ring-like blades” used for the low light auto-adjust feature. A standard camera will use about five aperture blades which seems to give some insight into why the sometimes blurry photos are produced.


A few other findings became glaring obvious once the phone was cracked open. Both are due to the fact that the technology inside isn’t upgraded over what the S8 contained. It’s noted that the “iris scanner, front-facing camera, IR emitter and proximity sensor” are all just about the same as what the Galaxy S8 had inside.

In addition, the S9’s battery is the identical 3.85V, 3500mAh unit weighing 13.48Wh found in the previous edition of the Galaxy smartphone. Due to the similar tech that is found inside, this may not make for the best upgrade for someone who already owns the Samsung Galaxy S8.

A Forbes article pointed out the “best and worst” aspects of the new Galaxy S9 phones. Among the positive aspects are the OLED panel display with vibrant colors, brightness, and optimal viewing angles. It’s also said that this camera outperforms the Galaxy S8 in terms of the animations and app-switching, mostly due to the new Snapdragon 845.

Still, when it comes to drawbacks, the fingerprint sensor and facial recognition unlock are listed as not quite up to par with other smartphones out there. That said, the phone is still considered worth the money for someone looking to upgrade from a model that is several years ago and doesn’t quite compare.

Both S9 phones rated highly on CNET‘s reviews, with the Galaxy S9 Plus considered the phone for “power users” to get. However, someone choosing between an iPhone X and Galaxy model for their new smartphone may opt for Apple’s technology upgrades or the Google Pixel 2’s top of the line camera for the time being until Samsung can catch up with those.