WWE News: Roman Reigns Suspended By Vince McMahon During 'Raw' Episode

With mere weeks until WrestleMania 34 arrives, WWE head honcho Vince McMahon was part of Monday's Raw and delivered a suspension to superstar Roman Reigns. The big news came about as Reigns became heated once again that his future opponent on "the grandest stage of them all" wouldn't be present for a face-to-face situation at Raw in Detroit, Michigan. Here are the latest details on the Roman Reigns segment, Brock's absence, and the suspension.

The latest report came from the WWE Raw results via ProWrestling.net as Reigns was involved in the opening segment of the show. He arrived out once Raw General Manager Kurt Angle had mentioned that Universal Champion Brock Lesnar was absent again for tonight's show. Angle indicated that transportation issues may have been the reason the champ was unable to make it to Little Caesar's Arena.

Reigns came down to the ring looking visibly frustrated, as once again his future opponent was a no-show. He would once again cut a promo in the ring about Lesnar not respecting him, the company, or the WWE fans. However, Reigns took it to another level by claiming that Brock is "Vince's boy" and that Mr. McMahon was showing disrespect by not informing him backstage that Brock wasn't there tonight.

With that, an angry Roman Reigns headed backstage to confront the boss of the company. The segment included Reigns going back to the "Gorilla position" where Vince was watching a monitor along with Shane McMahon and other WWE personnel. Reigns asked Vince why he wasn't going to talk to him, and Vince said they could speak in his office.

After a commercial break, fans saw backstage interviewer Renee Young outside of Mr. McMahon's office. Roman Reigns emerged from the office and walked past Young with no comments given. Moments later, Mr. McMahon arrived out and talked about how Brock doesn't necessarily like people, but that he's proven himself to be at a level where he's deserving of certain privileges. Vince assured the fans that Brock will appear on Raw next week. He also added that Roman Reigns was "temporarily suspended." A report on WWE's website confirmed Reigns' suspension.

It's an interesting twist to the ongoing tension building for the latest championship match. Most likely, WWE is building towards a huge brawl between the two competitors just ahead of WrestleMania 34. One has to think that the other part of the plan is to try to get more fans on Reigns' side through these latest plot details such as Lesnar continuing to no-show and now the boss suspending Reigns. Still, it seems a lot more may need to be done in order to get more fans to cheer for Reigns.