Roloff Family Officially Back On Reality TV As TLC Announces ‘Little People, Big World’ Season 13, New Series

Matt Roloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World is back. TLC recently announced the return of the popular reality TV show centering on the lives of the Roloff family. The new season will start airing next month along with another offering from TLC, a new TV series called My Little Life.

The latest season of the beloved reality show will air starting April 3 and will feature “more family, more babies and more milestones than ever before,” according to Us Magazine. Little People, Big World tells the story of Matt, Amy, Zach, Jeremy, and other members of the Roloff family as they go through their everyday lives.

Based on what the stars of Little People, Big World have been posting on social media during the show’s hiatus, the new series will have lots of exciting things to offer.

Two of the newest members of the Roloff clan, Jackson Kyle and Ember Jean, will likely steal the limelight from their grandparents and parents. Jackson was born on May 12 last year while the last LPBW episode aired on June 27. This means fans of the show know little of Jackson aside from what Tori and Zach have been sharing on social media. Jackson just turned 10-months-old and part of the show will likely focus on the many firsts the young Jackson has accomplished. The show will also dwell on Jackson’s dwarfism and how the other members of the Roloff family, particularly his parents, dealt with the news.

Some LPBW episodes will also show how Jeremy and Audrey prepared for the coming of their daughter Ember Jean, who was born on September 10. While Audrey was pregnant and busy with her birth plan, Jeremy was getting their new house ready. There will also be a two-hour special centered on the birth of Ember Jean.

The Roloffs also welcomed Joel Silvius to the family. It’s unclear if Season 13 of Little People, Big World will showcase the wedding of Molly Jo as she has left the show a few years ago to focus on her studies.

LPBW fans are certainly curious about Jacob and Isabel Rock. Jacob abruptly left the show some years back but has since mended things with his family despite the nasty things he said about them and the show. There’s no official word from the network or from anyone in the Roloff family if Jacob will be back in the show. His return will definitely be an interesting turn of events especially now that he has proposed to Izzy.

Another thing to watch out for is the relationship between Matt and Amy. The former Roloff couple has gone their separate ways and are now with their respective partners. The new season of Little People, Big World will show how Amy and her boyfriend Chris Marek spent their first year together. Amy also contemplates on introducing Chris to the rest of the Roloff family, including Matt.

Amy and I putting the grad-babies in front and center at Jacobs 21st birthday party night. Happy 21st bday to the one and only original “baby J”. Jacob George Roloff is our Pride ...and always been Amy and mine youngest Joy .... as my dad and mom Always said about me.. we honor Matt for having a mind of his own and speaking his mind and owning his own unique perspective when he wants... I love my parents for allowing and encouraging me to do that. Amy and I do that with our kids... they all get to be the people they want to be... we are proud of them all... and the men and women they have each chosen as their life partners. Izzy. You are a star !!! I@ not going to repeat my toast from tonight cause is made me cry... but I will say it again... “I’m very proud of my youngest son Jacob George ... God bless Your family .... the Roloff family...and may God bless all the close families of the world that work together to hang together...

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Speaking of Matt, he and girlfriend Caryn Chandler, former manager of the Roloff Farms, will be busy preparing for pumpkin season. Matt is also thinking of leaving the farm and moving away from Amy.

The new season of Little People, Big World will include 10 episodes lasting one hour each. After the premiere episode, TLC will introduce another series circling on the lives of little people. My Little Life will be about five little people in their twenties and early thirties. The debut season of the new show, which will focus on the casts’ families, friends, romantic relationships, and careers, will be composed of six one-hour episodes.